FREE Printable: Scavenger Hunt "🏃‍♀️🌻 Spring Workouts On-the-Go! 🚴‍♀️🌞 "

FREE Printable: Scavenger Hunt "🏃‍♀️🌻 Spring Workouts On-the-Go! 🚴‍♀️🌞 "

Spring is coming and schedules are picking up again!  

Outdoor softball and soccer are starting up and it’s finally nice enough to spend the afternoon or evening playing at the park...especially now that we made it through the Daylight Saving Time transition and have more hours of sunlight. 

But, in all the glorious-weather-crazy, it may be harder to make time for things like getting to the gym! 

Thankfully, you can make the park your playground, too and get in a workout WHILE your kids swing and play the day away. 

Here are some ideas for a fantastic spring park workout ... 

😅‍ Do pull-ups on those steel monkey bars...or even try to climb across them with your knees bent. It will give you a newfound respect for your kids’ upper body and abdominal strength! 
😅 Do incline push-ups on the park benches and THEN, turn around do some dips on the bench as well. 
😅 Sprint from one end of the playground to other and back again. Make it fun by racing your kids! (But don’t feel bad if they beat you!) 
😅 Try “tightrope walking” on the balance beam. 
😅 Borrow your kiddo’s jump rope or hula-hoop and give those a whirl as well! 
😅 The great outdoors are also the perfect space for squats, jumping jacks, and leaps. 

And, when you get home and are ready to cool down, grab this week’s FREE printable to entertain your little ones while you rehydrate and start prepping dinner, cleaning, or whatever is next on the schedule! 

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