FREE Printable: Santa Maze & Coloring Page "🎁 EASY Kid-Friendly Gift Wrapping (HINT: Kraft Paper is KEY!) 🎁 "

FREE Printable: Santa Maze & Coloring Page "🎁 EASY Kid-Friendly Gift Wrapping (HINT: Kraft Paper is KEY!) 🎁 "

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving a heart-felt gift from a child...EXCEPT for maybe a gift that they have also helped to wrap!! 🎁❤️ 

Whether the gift has a tag with your kiddo’s handwriting or wrapping paper covered with their handprints, it’s a beautiful site to see under the Christmas tree. 🎄❤️🎄 

We know that letting your kids help with the Christmas present wrapping can be STRESSFUL, but it doesn’t have to be! And, the result is so precious! Their teachers, grandparents, and other loved ones will be especially excited to receive those gifts this season. 

HINT: The key is in the KRAFT PAPER! It’s durable (not easy to rip when little hands are wrapping), perfect for decorating, and INEXPENSIVE! 🙌 

Here are some of our favorite EASY ways your kids can play a part in the gift wrapping this Christmas.  

🎁 Decorate kraft paper with painted stamps – these stamps can be bought, cut out of potatoes, or you can even use cookie cutters!  
🎁 If you aren’t feeling brave enough to let your kids loose with the paint, have them decorate the kraft paper (or kraft paper bags) with marker or crayon drawings. 
🎁 Use even the littlest hands (and fingers) to decorate kraft paper with handprints turned into Santa faces or fingerprints turned into a string of lights. 
🎁 For the EASIEST (and mess-free!) option, grab some of Christmas Kraft Paper Scratch Bags! They are perfect for customizing and you won’t even need a gift tag. 

Holiday gift wrapping with your kiddos doesn’t have to be a headache. Turn it into a whole family affair!  

And, remember, the people receiving the gifts will care MUCH more about your kid’s loving efforts than about a perfectly wrapped present this Christmas! 



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