FREE Printable: Grandparents Day Package "Thank You, Grandparents! Enjoy your Day!"

FREE Printable: Grandparents Day Package "Thank You, Grandparents! Enjoy your Day!"

The beginning of September is INSANE! Back-to-school shopping, meet the teacher events, the first day of school, the start of extra-curricular activities...the list goes on and on!  

Somewhere amid the crazy is a little holiday that is easy to overlook, but so important to recognize – GRANDPARENT’S DAY! 

Grandparent’s Day began in 1978 when the U.S. Congress and President Jimmy Carter made the first Sunday after Labor Day an official holiday “to honor grandparents and to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children.”  

There’s just something so special about the bond between a grandparent and grandchild – a love like no other! 

Whether near or far, by birth or by choice, grandmas and grandpas mean the 🌎WORLD🌎 to our kids! 

This Grandparent’s Day, we’ve rounded up a few ideas to say thank you to these extra special family members: 

💜 Take updated photos of your kids (professional photography is nice, but definitely NOT necessary!). Send the snapshots in an album to your kids’ grandparents. 

💜 Plan a lunch, movie date, park meet-up, or some other fun activity for your children and their grandparents. What you do isn’t near as important as who you do it with! 

💜 Set up a video chat time if your grandparents live far away. They will love seeing your kids’ faces on the screen! 

💜 Put a vacation on the calendar that includes the grandparents. It will give everyone something to look forward to! 

💜 Have your kids create cards, notes, or poems for their grandparents. Download this week’s free printables for some easy ideas!  

Remember, time flies – especially the older we get – so make the most of grandparent time!  

And, to all the AMAZING grandparents in our community, THANK YOU for every snuggle given, a cookie baked, and an ounce of love poured out for our kids! You’re the BEST!  


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