FREE Printable: Family Photo Activity Sheet - Tips for Fantastic Fall Family Photos

FREE Printable: Family Photo Activity Sheet - Tips for Fantastic Fall Family Photos

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler, and it’s the perfect time of year to capture gorgeous family photos outside (just in time for Christmas cards, too!).  

While you may enjoy choosing the carefully coordinated outfits and love the family pics that grandparents will display, chances are good that your kiddos aren’t quite as excited about smiling and posing for the camera. 

Here’s how to get everyone saying “cheese!” without (much) fuss or fight! 

🍂 Schedule photos for a time when your kids are at their happiest. Just because early morning or late evening has the best lighting doesn’t mean it’s the best time for a photo shoot with your family if everyone is super cranky or tired. 

🍂Bring a squeak toy for your pooch! Trust us on this one, when the photographer squeaks the toy beside the camera, your pup will stare in the right direction! (Bonus – sometimes works for young kids too! 😉 ) 

🍂 Bring snacks, water cups, and even a favorite toy or two. If your child’s treasured lovey ends up in the photos, that’s okay. You’ll love remembering that special stuffy for years to come when you look back at the photos!  

🍂 Strike fun (and even silly) poses. In fact, let your kids pick some of them! Do they think it’s funny to make gross faces with mom and dad sneak a kiss? Do it! Do they love throwing leaves in the air or peaking from behind the trees? Do it! Don’t be afraid to laugh and be a little goofy, that’s when you get the best smiles!  

🍂 Make sure you have a fun, kid-approved activity to look forward to when photos are complete.  A little bribery doesn’t hurt either. Offer them something special afterwards. A movie night? A special lunch? Something they’ll value will go a long way when you’re trying to eke out a few smiles for the last shots! 

🍂 Let your older kids have some input on their outfits. Yes, you want to coordinate, but you also want to have room to let their individual style shine through and they need to be comfortable! You could also let them bring a few new, fun accessories to wear in some photos and take off for others (feel free to break into this year’s PLB Advent Calendar early for some amazing ones!) 

🍂 Layer clothes so you can bundle up or dress down depending on weather or temperature changes while you are out. 

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