FREE Printable: Family Exercise Challenge "🏃‍♀️ Exercise as a FAMILY! 🚴‍♂️ "

FREE Printable: Family Exercise Challenge "🏃‍♀️ Exercise as a FAMILY! 🚴‍♂️ "

One upside that has come out of self isolation is the creativity and adaptability that might have come from making changes to some areas of life.  

We’ve been exploring new ways to get MOVING as a family,, so that we keep caring for our health (mental AND physical) and finding outlets for our kiddos’ boundless energy without sports or park playdates to fill in the gaps. 

Here are some of our FAVORITE ways to exercise together as a family at home... 

🌟 Virtual dance, yoga, and other classesmany studios and teachers are streaming them for free! Have you checked out Cosmic Kids Yoga or The Body Coach’s Kids’ Workouts 

🌟 Walks, jogs, or bike rides in the neighborhood 

🌟 Jump-roping and hula-hooping in the driveway 

🌟 Dance parties in your living room. Try singing and dancing along to these awesome Kids Bop videos! 

🌟 Soccer, t-ball, or games of catch in the backyard 

🌟 Obstacles courses around the house (compliments of lots of pillows & painter’s tape) 

When you’re all tuckered out, check out this week’s FREE exercise challenge for the family!

What have been your favorite ways to keep moving together during quarantine? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow us on social media @PLBFun to see what else we’ve been up to! 

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