FREE Printable: Family Bucket List "LEAP into Fall Family Fun with This Awesome Bucket List!"

FREE Printable: Family Bucket List "LEAP into Fall Family Fun with This Awesome Bucket List!"

The leaves are changing colors, the air is turning cooler, and EVERYTHING tastes and smells like a pumpkin! 🎃😆🎃😆 

🍂🎃🍁 It MUST be FALL!! 🍂🎃🍁 

And, just as quickly as the season is blowing in, it will soon be gone, so let’s take advantage of this BEAUTIFUL time of the year with our families and get outside in the orange-colored outdoors! 

This is the perfect time of year for hiking, jumping in leaf piles, visiting pumpkin patches, and taking hayrides! 

Here are a few things for your FALL FAMILY BUCKET LIST this year: 

🍁 Rake all the leaves in your yard into the BIGGEST pile possible and having a jumping contest. 🍂 
🍁 Find a family 5K or fun run and sign up together. Bonus points if it’s Halloween themed and all the runners wear costumes! 🏃 
🍁 Bundle up and go to a local high school football game. Nothing quite says fall like those Friday night lights! 🏈 
🍁 Try at least one new pumpkin-flavored product or better yet, find a new recipe and make it with your kiddos! 🎃 
🍁 Take a hike in a new park or up a new mountain. Remember to research family-friendly trails or ask for recommendations from neighbors and friends! ⛰️ 
🍁 Get lost (and found again) at a corn maze. 🌽 
🍁 Attend a local fall festival with one of those GIANT bouncing pillows – the kids and grown-ups alike will have a BALL! 🎪 
🍁 Go pumpkin picking and let your kiddos paint them in crazy, creative ways! Get some glow-in-dark paint for fun that will last even after the sun goes down. 🌟 
🍁 Roast smores around the campfire and cuddles under one big blanket! 🔥 
🍁 Grab this week’s FREE printables for some fall fun in the car between your many adventures! 

Remember, the point of your bucket list isn’t the items you check off, but the people you’re checking them off with and the BEAUTIFUL memories you’re creating along the way!  

Happy Fall, everyone!! Make the most of it! 💖 


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