FREE Printable: Cooking Day Activity Sheets "Kids in the Kitchen! Happy National Cooking Day! 👨‍🍳❤️"

FREE Printable: Cooking Day Activity Sheets "Kids in the Kitchen! Happy National Cooking Day! 👨‍🍳❤️"

Do your kids love to cook? Is making dinner a family affair in your house? 

It’s so easy as a parent to view cooking as a grown-up only activity – maybe it’s even a blissfulquiet retreat from the chaos of your kid-filled days. You know, a little time to yourself while they make a mess somewhere else in the house. 🤣 

Cooking is fantastic activity for kids though! It not only teaches them how to prepare food, but it encourages the use of math skills (ever doubled a recipe?), reading skills, personal responsibility, proper hygiene (fingers crossed on this one!)and it reinforces mealtime as a social activity.  

Time around the dinner table along with time around the kitchen counter are the perfect opportunities to talk about your day, your thoughts on life, or to just have FUN together! 

Plus, kids are often much more inclined to eat the food they help prepare, so if you’re waging a war on veggies in your house, this may be just the ticket for your little one to finally eat that broccoli. 🥦 

What are some ways your kids can help in the kitchen? 

❤️ Toddlers to 3-year-old kids can help measure ingredients, pour, rinse, stir, and mash. They can even help load silverware and plastic dishes into the dishwasher. You probably want to save those breakable dishes and glasses for the grown-ups or older kids though! 
❤️ 4 to 6-year-old kiddos can crack eggs, roll out the dough, spread butter or other ingredients, cut with plastic knives, and set the table. They are also big helpers when it comes to putting things away in lower cabinets and lower shelves in the pantry. 
❤️ ️ Older elementary-aged kids can grate, peel, measure, and even cut with small paring knives. They can also use the stove with close adult supervision. They can practice their read-aloud skills by reading recipes to you or bust out their math skills to help half, double, or triple your ingredients! 
❤️ If tonight's menu doesn't call for little hands to help, download this week's printables and set your kids up at the kitchen table with some crayons and FUN activities on this us! 

However, your kids help in the kitchen, remember that learning and spending time together are the most important things. If the pizza is a funky shape or the table isn’t set quite right, no one will care, but they will remember the memories (and food!) you made together! 



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