FREE Printable: Conversation Starters Sheets "Tips to Really Get Your Kids Talking About School  "

FREE Printable: Conversation Starters Sheets "Tips to Really Get Your Kids Talking About School "

If you have a school-aged kid, you’ve almost certainly asked your child the question, “How was your day?!”. And, you’ve probably also gotten the perfunctory “fine” response. 


So how do you really get your kids chatting about their school day in a meaningful way? Is it even possible for them to tell you something you don’t already know if they are participating in distance learning or homeschooling? 

The answer to both of these questions is YES! 

Here’s how... 

❤️ Share something about your day first! We get so anxious to know about our kid's day that we forget to share about our own. Try to pick out specific details of your day that you thought were particularly funny or made you extra happy. Model for your kids the kind of answers you’d like to get from them. 

❤️ Change up your phrasing to ask more specific questions. Instead of asking “Was school fun?”, try “What was the most interesting part of school today?”. Instead of asking “Were the other kids nice?”, try “Who is your favorite person to talk to in your class?”.  Or instead of asking “How did your presentation go?”, try “What part of your presentation did you feel best about?”. 

❤️ If your child is doing distance learning or homeschooling, make sure to give them a break after completing school work before talking about the day. Get in the habit of no school talk until dinner or even closer to bedtime. Then, ask them something simple, but open like “What was your favorite thing we learned today?” or “How did you feel about the book your teacher read to the class on Zoom? Who’s your favorite character?”. 

❤️ Remember, some kids have an easier time expressing themselves through writing or art. So give them a chance to draw you a picture of the best part of their day or grab this week’s FREE printables for more resources. 

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