FREE Printable: Activity Sheets " 🌎🍎International Day of Education🌎🍎 "

FREE Printable: Activity Sheets " 🌎🍎International Day of Education🌎🍎 "

Last year on January 24th2019, the first International Day of Education was recognized by the United Nations in celebration of the role of education for peace and development, and as a way to strengthen collective action in achieving global education goals. 

Education is perhaps the best way we know of to eventually end povertychildren all over the world deserve the privilege of learning to read, write, and better their future. After all, the children of this world ARE our future! 

Here are some ways you can recognize the day with your children... 

🌎 Raise money for a charity that supports international education – have a bake sale, set up a lemonade stand, have a yard sale – find a way to raise donations as a family. 
🌎 Donate gently used clothes, shoes, and backpacks to children in need. 
🌎 Study an international country – particularly a developing nation. The more we know about other people’s lives that are different from ours, the more we can find ways to help. 
🌎 Research ways to support underprivileged children in your own school and community.  
🌎 Encourage your child’s teachers and other employees at their school! They work hard to bring education into the lives of kids every single day. Maybe even treat them to something like a pack of our teacher stickers!

Download this week’s FREE coloring sheets, they are also the perfect way for your child to create something to thank their teachers! 

International Day of Education is yet another reminder of how fortunate our own children are and a chance to talk with them about giving back to those less fortunate. Raising kind, educated kids WILL change the world!! 

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