FREE Printable: Christmas Activity Sheets "Tips for Last Minute Christmas Shopping 🎁😨🎄🎅"

FREE Printable: Christmas Activity Sheets "Tips for Last Minute Christmas Shopping 🎁😨🎄🎅"

You’ve made your list and checked it twice, but there’s STILL so much left to buy and do! ✅✅ 

The best-laid plans always seem to get derailed and now it’s just ONE WEEK until Santa comes down that chimney!! (Don’t forget to add his cookies and milk to your never-ending list!) 

The holidays are incredibly busy and getting a gift for everyone in your life can be enough to send the best of us over the edge into Christmas crazy. 

Thankfully, here are some tips and tricks to make your last-minute shopping productive and not TOO painful this year... 

🎁 Create a list with everyone you still need to buy a gift for and how much you’re going to spend on each person. Only buy within this limit! 

🎁 In addition to setting a budget, set a time limit for each store or the mall. No endless browsing or buying extra items! 

🎁 Skip buying clothes. Sorting through sizes, colors, styles, etc. is too overwhelming and time-consuming unless you know specifically what the person wants. 

🎁 Amazon and lots of other online retailers guarantee Christmas delivery, so cross as much as you can off your list there! 

🎁 Make or bake gifts for neighbors, teachers, and other family friends. Everyone loves a homemade treat at the holidays! Plus, it’s easy to bake things in bulk once you have the ingredients and the kitchen is already messy. 

🎁 Don’t be afraid to give a gift card. It may seem impersonal, but a gift card from someone’s favorite store or coffee shop can actually be very thoughtful. Plus, they are easy to mail to relatives who live further away! 

🎁 And, if you need something for your kiddos to do in the car between errands or while you wrap gifts, be sure to grab this week’s FREE Christmas printables 

Remember, what everyone REALLY wants this Christmas is time with you and their loved ones, so don’t stress too much over that to-do list and make a little time for yourself in this hectic season! 

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