FREE Printable: Adult and Kiddie Mandalas "Time to Relax! Let’s celebrate National Relaxation Day!"

FREE Printable: Adult and Kiddie Mandalas "Time to Relax! Let’s celebrate National Relaxation Day!"


There are A LOT of national holidays floating around at this point and MOST of them seem to involve extra work. Not this one though! 

We’re SUPER excited to have discovered NATIONAL RELAXATION DAY! 🙌 

A whole day dedicated to relaxing?!? Yes, please! 

According to a survey done by Everyday Health, we need to relax now more than ever. They found that 57 percent of people say they are paralyzed by stress! 😮😮😮 Not just affected by stress, but PARALYZED by it! 

It’s time to take a BREAK! Now’s your chance to change into your comfy clothes, grab your favorite book, pull up a hammock, and CHILL OUT!  

Sounds heavenly. 😇😇😇 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to RELAX... 

❤️ Take a nap. - Yup. The thing that your kid dreads the most is the TOP of our list of ways to relax. 😴 
❤️ Read a book...or a magazine...or just flip through a dreamy catalog or coffee table book. 📖 
❤️ Go for a hike or find a peaceful place to sit outside and just marvel at the world around you. 🌎 
❤️ Turn off the tech! Log out of social media. Put your phone to silent. The only technology allowed is whatever you need to listen to some tunes! Ideally, you still have your 1980’s boom box in the garage, but if not, phones are allowed for musical purposes ONLY! 🎵📻 
❤️ Go to a yoga class...or a dance class...or a swimming pool. Whatever gets you moving, but in a non-competitive way! 🧘 
❤️ Bath a bubble bath! You could even light some candles or grab a glass of wine to make it EXTRA relaxing. 🛁 

Whatever you do, DON’T STRESS about how to spend National Relaxation Day! 😆😆😆 

This is NOT an extra planning kind of holiday. It’s all about you taking a little time for self-care and giving yourself some much-deserved room to catch your breath.  Take care and be well, everyone! ❤️ 


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