FREE Printable: Activity Sheets "🏡 Spring Cleaning Your KIDS Can Help With! 🧹"

FREE Printable: Activity Sheets "🏡 Spring Cleaning Your KIDS Can Help With! 🧹"

With everyone spending so much more time staying safe at home these days, most of our homes are probably messier and more chaotic than normal!  

And, there’s NOTHING wrong with that! We’re all just doing our best under the current circumstances. 

Buuuuut...this time while we’re hunkered down at home together can also be an incredible opportunity to have your kiddos learn a few more things when it comes to SPRING CLEANING (or cleaning in general) than they may have done in the past.  

So, we’ve put together a handy list of ways your kids can HELP by age with cleaning around the house... 

🏡 Toddlers and Two-Year-olds can pick up toys and books, put clothes and towels in the hamper, and help you make their bed. 

🏡 Three to Five-Year- olds can dust or wipe off baseboards, help feed family pets, help clean their room, and pull sheets off the bed. 

🏡 Six and Seven-Year- olds can use the vacuum or dry mop the floor, help unload dishes, sort laundry, move clothes from the washer to the dryer, and pull weeds in the yard. 

🏡 Eight and Nine-Year- olds can collect trash from the cans around the house to take out, put clean sheets on their bed, clean the tub/shower, and wipe down sinks and surfaces in the bathrooms. 

🏡 Ten to Thirteen-Year- olds can clean toilets, clean mirrors and windows, vacuum stairs, prepare simple meals, and wash the car. 

🏡 Teens can truthfully do most things you do with the right instructions (and attitude 😆)! 

For some fun (and useful!) Chore Charts, check out our FREE printables! 

How do your kids help out around the house? Let us know in comments and be sure to share pics with us on Facebook or Instagram -- Find us @PLBFun! 


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