FREE Printable: Activity Sheets "🌻💧🌷 Spring Bucket List 🌼☔🌸 "

FREE Printable: Activity Sheets "🌻💧🌷 Spring Bucket List 🌼☔🌸 "

Spring has FINALLY arrived!!!  

Are your kids as excited as ours to get outside and enjoy it? After a long winter, we are so excited to get outside and enjoy the beautiful colors and warmer weatherBring it on – even the rainy days! (After all, splashing in those puddles is a massive hit with our kiddos!) 

With SO much fun and excitement ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite spring activities, we hope you enjoy them too – let us know on social media how you’re enjoying spring, find us at @plbfun !! 

🌷 Take a family bike ride!  
🌷 Fly a kite at the park 
🌷 Go on a picnic for dinner 
🌷 Skip rocks in a local pond 
🌷 Visit the local botanical gardens and smell the flowers 
🌷 Find as many different kinds of bugs as possible 
🌷 Make a fairy garden for the backyard. 
🌷 Make bird feeders and pinwheels for the garden 
🌷 Visit a different playground and try to make a new friend! 

And, when we’re as tired (and dirty) as possible, we’ll head home, take bubble baths, and settle in for family time in our PJs.  Don't forget to download our SPRING BUCKET LIST PRINTABLE.

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