FREE Printable: Activity sheets "Our Kids = Our World 🌎❤️"

FREE Printable: Activity sheets "Our Kids = Our World 🌎❤️"

Children are the FUTURE! Which is why it is SO important to invest in not just the kids in our home, but the kids of our WORLD! 

November 20th is Universal Children’s Day – a day established by the United Nations to spread awareness of the problems that children are facing around the world, to promote unity, and to improve the welfare of ALL kids.  

In many ways, our own kids are so, so lucky! Most of them don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or if they will have shoes to wear to school. 

But, many kids around the world aren’t as fortunate. 

Universal Children’s Day comes during a month all about thankfulness and one AMAZING way to show gratitude for our MANY blessings is to share them with those who are most in need! 

Here are some FANTASTIC ways you and your kiddos can help OTHER CHILDREN in your community, country, and around the world... 

❤️ Call your school (or a local public school) and offer to anonymously pay off the outstanding balances on lunch accounts for kids whose parents haven’t been able to. 
❤️ Collect canned goods or gently used clothing to donate to a local homeless shelter or food pantry. 
❤️ Donate money to non-profits who help villages and towns around the world put in clean water sources for the families who live there. 
❤️ Buy Christmas gifts for children in foster care.  
❤️ Reach out to a family in your neighborhood (or at your church or school) to see if there is anything you can do to help them out this week – raking leaves from their yard, picking up some groceries for them, etc. 
❤️ Create cards or drawings for the children’s hospital to keep spirits up during the holiday season. You can download this week’s free printables for ideas! 

There are SO many small ways we can help the kids in our world and if we all did just a LITTLE bit more, a HUGE impact would be made!  

Let’s do it TOGETHER for our KIDS!  



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