FREE Printable: Activity Sheets "Help Your Kids Get Organized in 2020"

FREE Printable: Activity Sheets "Help Your Kids Get Organized in 2020"

December may be the most wonderful time of the year, but around here, January is the most ORGANIZED time of the year (and from a parent perspective, that’s WONDERFUL in and of itself!)!  

January is when we clear the clutter. It’s when we donate old toys and clothes to make way for the new ones our kids got for Christmas. It’s when I buy that organizational system for under the sink in the bathroom or the new shelf with cubbies for the playroom. 💪🙌🎉  

It’s sticking with these AMAZING new efforts of organization and simplicity that is the REAL trick. 🤣  

But the organization isn’t just for grown-ups. Here are some of our favorite ways to help your kids get organized in the New Year...  

✅ Make checklists and to-do lists. Break down their chores and tasks into SMALL, attainable goals and use chore charts (kids love getting Purple Ladybug stickers as rewards on their charts) 

✅ If your child is school-aged, teach them to use a calendar or planner to write down their homework and other activities. You could also make a calendar at home with times chunked out for homework, play, dinner, chores, bath, bedtime, etc. Time management is a useful skill to start learning young! 
This week, one of our FREE PRINTABLES is a planner for kids – DOWNLOAD OUR ACTIVITY SHEETS HERE. 

✅ Use color coding on the family calendar or with their items in the mudroom or bathroom. Every member of the house gets to pick a color!  

✅ Set up an organized workspace for craft time and homework. Having all their pencils, paper, etc. In one place makes doing homework time and clean up that much easier.   

✅ Do regular cleanouts of their backpack and their bedroom. When you have regularly planned times to clean out these clutter-prone spots, it seems less overwhelming and you’ll likely uncover anything that has gone missing recently. 😉  

How do you help your kids stay organized? Drop a comment below and let us know!   

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