FREE Printable: Activity Sheets "💖🌎 Raising KIND Kids 💖🌎 "

FREE Printable: Activity Sheets "💖🌎 Raising KIND Kids 💖🌎 "

“Some kids are smarter than you.  
Some kids are cooler clothes than you.  
Some kids are better at sports than you.  
You have your thing, too. 
Be the kid who can get along. 
Be the kid who is generous 
Be the kid who is happy for others 
Be the kid who does the right thing. 

This AMAZING quote is gracing the hallways and classrooms of more and more schools around the country (and WORLD) – and, we LOVE it! 

In a world that tells our kids to be a lot of things, being nice and being kind is often underrated.  

That is one reason we LOVE 💖World Kindness Day! 💖  

World Kindness Day was established to highlight good things being down in our communities and to focus on the power of kindness. 

Practicing kindness doesn’t have to be big and showy. In fact, it’s usually small and goes unnoticed.  

We’ve rounded up some GREAT ways you can perform RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS with your kiddos this World Kindness Day (or anytime!) and shine a light on being NICE: 

💖 Bake cookies or another treat for a neighbor. 

💖 Put away all the carts in the grocery store parking lot. 

💖 Write a kind note and leave it a library book when you return it. 

💖 Talk to a new kid at school or on the playgroup. 

💖 Donate food to a local shelter or the food pantry. 

💖 Pick up litter at the park. 

💖 Bring flowers to your teacher. 

💖 Color a picture or make a card for someone you love – download this week’s FREE printables for ideas! 

No act of kindness is ever too small! You never know the ripple effect a smile or kind word can have on the world around you. 💖🌎💖🌎 


Download this week's activity sheets here

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