FREE Printable: Egg Hunt Maze "Fill their Easter baskets with FUN!"

FREE Printable: Egg Hunt Maze "Fill their Easter baskets with FUN!"

What are the Easter routines in your house?

  • An egg hunt?
  • The Easter bunny comes and fills kids' Easter baskets?
  • A big family dinner?
  • A religious celebration?

There are so many reasons and ways to celebrate this wonderful spring holiday!

Did you know that the Easter bunny is a symbol of new life? This is because rabbits have a lot of babies in their litters! 

🐰 FUN FACT: rabbit babies are called kittens 🐰

Want to make this year's Easter basket or gift really memorable? Include our Easter squishies! Three jumbo super-soft and slow-rising cute squishies will put a smile on kids' faces. They're available now but won't be for long!

Plus - the thrill will last longer than a sugar high!
(Can you tell we're parents too?! 😉)

Looking for an alternative to sugar?

Aside from chocolate eggs, kids love seeing super-fun toys in their Easter baskets -- consider stickers, fidget toys, squishies or scratch paper! 

All great value, all huge FUN, healthier and more likely to keep your little ones occupied for longer than candy!

FREE Egg Hunt Maze

Help our Easter bunny and Easter chick find the path to the egg basket!

Right Click on the Image to Download it, then print full size. 



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