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The Perfect Fashion Kits for Future Designers

The value of arts and crafts for children is tremendous. Crafting not only helps with developmental skills, but it can also broaden children’s horizons.

It’s a great way to introduce children to different career paths and interests, setting a firm foundation for their future.

Crafting harnesses little budding fashionistas and fashion designers’ imaginations and opens up their minds to endless possibilities.

So which craft supplies do you need to get your future fashion creators to tap into their inner creativity? Let’s look at some of the fashion design craft supplies perfect for growing fashion designers.

Why Use Fashion Design Craft to Boost Creativity for Kids 

Fashion is all about creativity and open-mindedness. Encouraging kids to craft using different textures and materials helps them release their artistry.

Craft kits provide the perfect interplay of free, unstructured play and the guidance necessary to help kids explore their ideas.

Plus, crafting helps keep children occupied and focused, activating the vital brain networks that will prove invaluable later in life.

Through arts and crafts, kids can develop in many different ways to help children in the fashion design world. Some of the area that kids can develop through art include:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Finger dexterity
  • Planning and design skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem

Fashion Design Kit Ideas for Kids

Sewing Machine Fashion Kit 

If your kids show an interest in sewing, you can get a sewing machine and some fabric. You can search the internet for dress, shirts, or pants designs or simply allow them to explore the full extent of their creativity.

Sewing machine craft kits help young kids bring their ideas to life. They can use the kits to make cute stuffed animals or doll clothes. By experimenting with different fabric styles and textures, kids develop their gross and fine motor skills.

It’s also a great way to help them develop self-confidence.

Is a sewing machine dangerous for little kids? Well, the needle and the electrical components can be dangerous. However, you can get safer options designed for kids, too

Tip: Buy a dress mannequin and lots of fabric for your little girl or boy on their birthday or slumber party. The kids will love using the sewing kit to play project runway-style fashion show games.

Playdough or Clay Art Fashion Design Kits

fashion designer kit for your daughter
Jewelry Box Craft Kit for Girls

If you’re anxious about the little ones using sewing needles and sewing machines, there are plenty of other fashion design crafts they can do.

Using the most basic art supplies like clay and glitter, your creative kids can master the art of precision while making intricate designs on different objects.

Take a jewelry box craft kit, for example. The kids can transform a simple ordinary wooden box into a stylish jewelry box perfect for storing all their fashion accessories.

It’s a super fun craft idea that will keep the kids occupied for hours. What’s more, it allows kids to fully explore a wide range of design ideas.

studio kit gift ideas
Source: Amazon | Decorate Your Own Wooden Jewelry Box

Here’s an awesome jewelry box from Purple Ladybug. The kit comes with:

  • One 3.5" x 5.5" x 4"  wooden box
  • Five different colors of spreadable clay
  • One sculpting tool 
  • Four sheets glitter gem stickers

The kids can mold the clay into a variety of designs allowing them to express themselves fully. Once they’re done, they can stick clay and glitter stickers onto the box.

The result will be a fully functional and chic jewelry box that they can use to store accessories and treasures.

Here’s what one grandma had to say about the jewelry box.

The jewelry box was a nice size and made totally unique by using the air dry modeling clay in our granddaughter's own design. This was her first time using the air dry clay which was great fun. The resulting special treasure box is the perfect place to store her gems and special jewels. Linda L, United States

Fashion-Forward Bags 

studio kit gift ideas with no choking hazard
Source: Amazon | Color Your Own Messenger Bag

Fashion is not only about fabrics, dress patterns, and sewing machines. It also entails designing great accessories like bags to complete the ensemble.

Get the kids crafting with this messenger bag that they can wear to school every day. Coloring is one of the easiest craft activities for kids. It may be easy, but it’s a great way for kids to develop fine motor skills and even forms basic foundations for mathematical skills.

The color in messenger bag fashion kit combines basic coloring skills with design and problem-solving. The kids have full control of the colors they use.

One advantage of the messenger bag kit is that it eliminates the need for kids to make too many choices. Scientists say that giving kids too many options may make it difficult to arrive at a decision.

Especially for the younger fashionistas (4 to 5-years-old), a coloring craft kit with a fashionable design twist is a great crafting option.

The kids will love spending hours coloring in the pictures. Plus, it allows them to figure out which colors work well together — exactly what future designers need to know. 

gift ideas for four year old and up
Source: Amazon | Color Your Own Messenger Bag

Take it from a happy mom:

I bought 3 of these bags for gifts for girls ages, 4,5, and 10. They do come with a pouch/wristlet and has markers included. It keeps the little ones busy and the bag can also hold a lot of things. The bag is the size of a messenger bag and totally adjustable. We take it everywhere we go and instead of giving a child a phone to occupy their time-give them this bag. Thank me later!

Michelle, Atlanta, GA, United States

Need one for your daughter or granddaughter? Head on over to Purple Ladybug to make your purchase.

Complementing Your Kid’s Fashion Design Kit

Your little fashion designer’s ideas can come at the oddest of times, in the oddest of places. Why not get a sketchbook and notepad for your budding fashion designer to carry wherever they go? Here a couple of ideas:

sketch book
Source: Amazon | 5 Colors Scratch Paper Art

Scratch Paper Notebook

A scratch paper notebook is the perfect way for your kids to sketch their ideas for dresses or new accessories. They can pull out their notebook whenever they get a jolt of inspiration. 

Sketch book
Source: Amazon | Scratch Off Mini Art Notes

Mini Art Notes

Mini notes are another great way to put down ideas on paper. With the magical reveal of the hidden layer, scratch art mini notes provide a stimulating way for kid designers to work in their project runway level designs.

Purple Ladybug’s mini art notes are so portable; kids can even put them in their pencil case and pick up where they left off during recess or on the bus home.

Purple Ladybug’s mini art notes work perfectly as sketchbooks for both boys and girls. They come in different backgrounds like

  • Rainbow drop
  • Silver holographic
  • Rainbow holographic

Helping Your Future Designers Shine Bright

Kids need adult help to expand their horizons, nurture their interests and grow into whatever they want to be. If your kids are showing an interest in fashion design, allow them to explore the depth of their creativity.

Turn to Purple Ladybug for fashion art supplies that are sure to stimulate creativity for kids. Remember to check product details for age specifications.

While you’re at it, check out lots of other craft supplies like make-up kits and hair accessories for your upcoming fashionistas.

...Or download some of our free printables and get your kids coloring in awesome designs today.

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