Exciting St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

Exciting St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

Every March, we want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a little luck and creativity! From helping little ones make leprechaun traps to getting crafty with green-themed art, there are some fun activities that will get everyone into a green spirit! 

Whether it’s crafting, cooking, or playing games, we’ve got you covered with fun activities that everyone in the family will enjoy. So grab your supplies and let’s get started!

Make Irish-Themed Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day can be extra special with fun craft ideas. Stock up on supplies like pipe cleaners, cotton balls and leprechaun gold for a pot of gold craft - and don't forget plenty of bright and colorful embellishments. Get imaginative and make decorations that are perfect for any St. Patrick's Day celebration - four-leaf clovers, rainbows, pots of gold - the possibilities are endless! Crafting is the ideal way to practice fine motor skills but it's also an excellent opportunity to bond with your little ones while having loads of fun!

Here are a few St. Patrick’s Day crafts to get you started:

Dress Up in Green

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Why not make hats or headbands using pipe cleaners and decorate them with shamrocks? Or maybe create a festive shirt with green glitter or fabric paint? Crafting green attire together with your kids can also serve as a great way to teach them about the importance of recycling and repurposing materials. For example, you can use old t-shirts or sweaters and add green accents to give them new life.

Here’s a tutorial on how you can make a Leprechaun Hat: https://www.theresourcefulmama.com/craft-sticks-leprechaun-hat-craft/

Purple Ladybug Hair Chalk and Glitter Style Set

Purple Ladybug Hairchalk and Glitter Style Set

If you're looking for a fun way to add some festive green touches to your look this St. Patrick's Day, try Purple Ladybug's Hair Chalk and Glitter Style Set. This set allows you to easily apply temporary green hair color, creating a unique and eye-catching look. With its easy-to-use design and high-quality materials, this set is perfect for both kids and adults alike. 

Whether you're headed to a St. Patrick's Day parade or simply celebrating at home, the Purple Ladybug's Hair Chalk and Glitter Style Set is a great way to add some fun and color to your holiday look.

In addition to being a fun and temporary way to add green to your hair and tattoos, the Purple Ladybug's Hair Chalk and Glitter Style Set is also a great alternative to semi or permanent hair dyes. Its non-toxic and washable formula allows for easy application and removal, so you don't have to worry about damaging your hair or skin – and it washes out with shampoo!

St. Patrick’s Day Oreos

Mint Oreos are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. This craft involves using green candy melts, colorful sprinkles, and spending approximately 30 minutes having fun in the kitchen with your child. Edible crafts are a fun and exciting way to spend quality time with your children while also encouraging creativity and imagination. The mint Oreo craft, in particular, is a simple and delicious way to create a fun snack that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Here is the recipe for St. Patrick’s Day Oreos: https://totallythebomb.com/st-patricks-day-oreos

Build a Leprechaun Trap

If you've ever wanted to capture a leprechaun, now is the perfect opportunity! Overall, this leprechaun-trapping activity is an engaging and educational way to learn about Irish folklore and celebrate St. Patrick's Day. By constructing the traps, children can develop their creativity and problem-solving skills, while also gaining insight into the culture and traditions of Ireland.

Follow this link for more information about the leprechaun trap craft activity: https://youtu.be/6YUYUtuK-c0

Have an Irish Dance Party!

Discover some music by your preferred Irish artists and host a lively dance party! You can choose from a wide variety of performers, such as Riverdance, Flogging Molly, or The Cranberries. Additionally, if you search on YouTube, you'll discover instructional videos on genuine Irish dance techniques. Pick up a few moves and enjoy creating your unique choreography!

This enjoyable activity is an excellent way to discover Irish music and culture while having a blast. Dancing is a fantastic way to get active and feel energized, and it's an ideal way to express yourself. Moreover, learning the traditional Irish dance steps and constructing a dance routine with your favorite songs is an excellent way to develop your coordination, memory, and creativity.

Go on a 4-Leaf Clover Hunt

On a pleasant day, head outside and go on a quest for four-leaf clovers! Offer a reward, such as chocolate coins, to the individual who locates one. While you're out there, grab a nature journal and sketch the clovers you come across. Observe whether they are in bloom and if the leaves display distinct patterns. If you happen to have a microscope, put a few leaves on a slide and take a closer look! It allows children to appreciate nature and learn about the properties of plants while also promoting creativity and exploration. Give it a try and see how many four-leaf clovers you can find.

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