The Ethical Promise Behind Every Purple Ladybug Craft Kit

The Ethical Promise Behind Every Purple Ladybug Craft Kit

Purple Ladybug is a family-run business fueled by the laughter and imagination of our own kids! We translate that joy into creating award-winning toys that are safe, fun, and spark creativity for families everywhere. But for us, the fun goes beyond the playtime experience.  

We’re committed to ethical sourcing and social responsibility, which is why we’re proud to be a member of the Ethical Supply Chain Program. This means we work to ensure our craft kits are made ethically and responsibly, with safe working conditions and fair treatment to people who bring our creations to life. We believe that happy workers make the best toys! 

In this blog, we’ll look into what the Ethical Supply Chain Program means and how our membership makes a difference. Let’s create a world of fun and responsibility together! 

What is the Ethical Supply Chain Program? 

The Ethical Supply Chain Program (formerly known as the Ethical Toy Program) is an organization dedicated to ensuring fair working conditions in the toy industry and beyond. They do this by offering an audit and certification program for factories that make and supply products ensuring they meet strict standards that support the rights and well-being of factory workers.  

The Ethical Supply Chain Program upholds the following standards: 

  • Transparency: Factories must be open and honest, allowing auditors full access to their facilities and freely interviewing workers without pressure.  
  • Worker Rights and Well-Being: Factories must uphold the rights and well-being of their employees, including no discrimination, safe working conditions, fair wages, and legal working hours.  
  • Prohibited Practices: The program strictly prohibits practices that exploit workers, including forced labor, child labor, and unfair business practices. 

Why We’re Different: Our Commitment to Ethical Manufacturing 

At Purple Ladybug, we believe in the power of play and the joy it brings to children. But that joy shouldn’t come at the expense of someone else. That’s why we have chosen to become members of the Ethical Supply Chain Program. We believe in taking a proactive approach to worker well-being; here’s how we prioritize the well-being of the people behind Purple Ladybug fun: 

💟 Zero Tolerance for Illegal Practices 

Child labor and forced labor have no place in our supply chain. We work closely with our partners to ensure these practices are never tolerated.  

💟 Safe and Secure Workplaces    

Worker safety is a priority for us. This includes proper ventilation, required safety equipment provided, and fire safety measures like clear escape routes.  

💟 Fair Wages and On-Time Payments 

We believe workers deserve fair compensation for their hard work, so we offer competitive wages and pay them their full earned pay without deductions or delays.  

💟 Flexibility for Working Parents    

We are parents and understand that flexibility helps families. We offer our workers flexibility to support them balance work with family life.   

Our Commitment to You 

Our commitment to ethical manufacturing isn’t just about doing the right thing and helping families improve their lives through safe, fair, rewarding employment opportunities – it’s about creating a better playtime experience for you and your family. Here’s how: 

💟 High-Quality Products 

When workers feel valued and have a safe, positive work environment, it shows in their work. Secure workers can take pride in their work, leading to higher quality products built to meet our high standards. 

💟 Transparency You Can Trust  

Our membership of the Ethical Supply Chain Program means we are taking steps to ensure our manufacturing process benefits those involved.  

You can feel confident knowing your child’s toys are made ethically and responsibly, and the people who create them are treated with respect.  

💟 A Focus on Innovation 

A happy and empowered workforce is a creative one. Our commitment to worker well-being fosters an environment where creativity thrives. 

💟 Peace of Mind for You 

When you choose Purple Ladybug, you’re choosing a company that aligns with your values. You can trust that the toys you’re bringing home are made with care and those who made them are treated with respect.  


Ethical practices are important to us; we care about the people who bring our toys to life. By prioritizing their safety, well-being, and fair treatment, we make sure that every Purple Ladybug craft is fun, safe, and ethically made. 

Thank you for choosing toys and craft kits made with care! We invite you to explore or our Amazon storefront and learn more about our commitment to fun and responsible play. 

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