Easter Kids Crafts!

Easter Kids Crafts!

Every holiday has its share of candy-filled sweetness, but Easter doesn’t have to be a day full of sugar! This Easter, let’s fill our kids’ baskets with some Easter gifts that can be enjoyed longer than the time it takes for chocolate to melt on little fingers. 


Kids’ crafts are a sure-fire way to bring creativity and joy into your kids’ lives. When you get your kids crafting, you are giving them skills! Fine motor skills and problem-solving skills will help your kids in life long after their love affair with construction paper and markers! When you fill their Easter gifts full of crafts, you are giving them more than just a fun activity, you are stimulating their creativity. 


Here are some creative ways to let your kids’ imaginations go wild this Easter! 


Make Themed Easter Baskets  

The best way to get kids to want to do crafts is to pick what they are most interested in. Themed gifts are a great way to specifically give what your child is interested in Of course, you can combine anything together as they likely have many interests! 

  • Bath Bomb Kit - If your child loves bath bombs, put together a fun basket with some ready-made and all the ingredients to make their own! Here is a good recipe. 


  • PlayDough Kit - For this basket, make some homemade playdough, add some cute cookie cutters, and a recipe for making more. This basket keep those little hands busy! 


  • Bubble Kit - With the warmer weather coming, include bubble mix (or make your own), jump rope, bubble wands, and maybe a bubble blower for some great outdoor fun. You could use a bucket instead of a basket to really keep up the theme.  Add some music after everything has been opened and you have an Easter dance party! 


  • Coloring Kit - Creative artists will love this basket!  Add crayons, pencils, paint, brushes, and paper. Include our Scratch Paper for a special kind of art treat! 


  • Jewelry Kit - Your budding stylist will love making new jewelry with a basket full of beads and string, a Shrink Art Kit, and maybe a few new bangles ready to be rocked out! 


  • Slime Kit - This basket is sure to be a hit. Include some pre-made slime, some recipes (there are so many), and some of the ingredients to make those different slimes!  Don’t forget that the eggs they find can be the containers for the slime!! 


  • Sewing Kit - If you have a kid that loves needle and thread, put together a basket with egg and bunny shape felt pieces, needles, and embroidery thread. Don’t forget some fluff to stuff them!  You could even use the leftover easter grass.  


Easter Egg Fillers 

Speaking of eggs, you don’t have to fill those hidden eggs with candy either!   

Keep the creative juices flowing with fillers like:  


  • Finger puppets  
  • Playdough 
  • Mini bubbles 
  • Bath toys 
  • Decorate Your Stuff foil and glitter transfers and stickers 


Put it all together for crafting fun this Easter! Hide your eggs and surprise them with a beautiful basket full of goodies. Not goodies you eat, but goodies that will pump up those imaginations and get them making all the kids crafts!  

Check out our Free Printables to add some coloring pages.


From Our Family to Yours: 

We wish you a Happy, Colorful, Creative, Safe and Healthy Easter! 

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