Create Mischief this April Fool’s with these Family Pranks

Create Mischief this April Fool’s with these Family Pranks

April Fool’s Day. For some, a day of great fun and good laughs. For others, something to get through. No matter how into April Fool’s Day you are, playing some family pranalexxks is always good for a laugh! 


We don’t know exactly why April Fool’s started, but some believe that it had to do with the switching of the calendar and when the New Year began. When it switched from the beginning of spring to January 1, some people missed the memo and were “fools” celebrating the new year in spring still. 

We’ve gathered up some fun (not mean!) ideas for how you can trick your kids (or maybe work with them to trick a grandparent!) and have some great laughs this April Fool’s Day. 


Food Pranks: There are so many harmless and fun ways to trick your kids with food!   

  • Wrap up grapes with aluminum foil and present the “chocolates” to your kids 
  • Open the bottom of individual chip bags carefully and replace the chips with carrot slices or bell pepper strips and tape them shut with double-sided tape.  Offer the bags with their sandwiches at lunch. 
  • Fill their favorite juice cups with red jello the night before and have them out with breakfast. 
  • Freeze a bowl of cereal with milk the night before to go with the juice. 
  • Scrape out the middle of an Oreo and replace it with cream cheese. 
  • Make Meatloaf in cupcake wrappers and pipe mashed potatoes on top like frosting.  Tell your kids you are having cupcakes for dinner! 


Noise Pranks: Sure to be a Big Bang! 

  • Blow up a balloon and put in the crook of the door so when the door is opened it pops the balloon 
  • Put bubble wrap under the bath mats. 
  • Stick a Whoopi Cushion under their booster seat or car seat or a seat cushion for an embarrassing surprise. 
  • Tape Party Poppers above a closed door and tape the string to the door for when someone opens the door. 


Color Pranks: Create a little mischief with some fun colors in unexpected places! 

  • Put food coloring on the rim of the milk jug so when they pour out the milk it changes colors. 
  • Put Food Dye Tablets inside the water faucet aerator so when the water turns on it changes color. 
  • Drip some food coloring under your child’s cereal and make sure they watch when you pour the milk over it! 
  • When making ice, put a single drop of food coloring, but don’t mix.  When the ice melts in the glass the movement will cause what they are drinking to change colors! 


Other Pranks: more good fun family pranks! 

  • Short Sheet:  Tuck a flat sheet at the top of the bed as if it were fitted and then fold it back up like a regular flat sheet.  When they go to bed, they’ll hit the fold! 
  • Short Shoe: Stuff the toes of their shoes with a paper towel or tissue and see if they think they’ve outgrown their shoes already! 
  • Freeze a plastic bug in ice.  The hotter the water you use initially the clearer the ice will be. 
  • Mix our Super Scent Stickers with their regular stickers and ask why their artwork is so smelly! 

  • If you’ve got hard sleepers, swap them into their siblings’ beds for a surprise right when they wake up! 

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