Crafty Halloween Costumes You Still Have Time to Pull Together

Crafty Halloween Costumes You Still Have Time to Pull Together

Get Halloween ready with these easy, last-minute costume ideas for kids

Halloween is almost here, and your kiddo still can’t tell you what they want to be. Don’t worry! We have 12 simple costume ideas that can be ready to go in a flash. Even better — most include some amazing (and easy!) crafts everyone can enjoy. 


All of these costumes are customizable for your child, so have fun with them! Once they settle on the getup, personalize it with their favorite colors and accessories. Even as a zombie, they can show off their colorful personality. 

Now, these aren’t the carefully curated costumes you’ll find on other sites. And they won’t take hours upon hours to make. These costumes are simple and fun. They are kid-favorites for a reason.

Ready to find the perfect last-minute costume for your kid? Let’s dive in! 

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas for kids


If your kid just has to be a mermaid this year, we have you covered (no matter your crafting skill level). Are you a pro at sewing? Check out this DIY mermaid costume. The skirt is absolutely beautiful and can be created in so many different colors. Can’t you just imagine rainbow-colored scales? Love! 😍 

Need a no-sew option? 🙋

This super simple skirt is easy to make and wear. Choose your child’s favorite glittery fabric, give it a measure and a cut, and you’re almost done. All that’s left is a little velcro and glue, and voila — your little mermaid’s tail is ready to go!

All that’s left is to grab your finishing touches, like this fun mermaid-themed makeup kit, and your child is ready for an under the sea Halloween adventure!


If you already have a little dancer or gymnast in your home, this costume can be put together in a flash. Break out a leotard, tights, and some ballet shoes. Then all that’s left is the tutu. If your kiddo already has a favorite, awesome — you are done! 

If you need a new tulle creation for your little one, check out this no-sew option for an easy, knotted tutu that is super easy and super fluffy. Let your child pick their favorite color (or colors!), measure, cut, and knot. They’ll be ready to plié in no time!

Black cat

If your child has a favorite animal, a costume is not far behind. Whether it’s a cat, rabbit, or puppy, you can create a cute costume for your kiddo by just popping on some animal ears.

For a black cat, keep it simple with black pants or a skirt and a black top. Add cat ears and maybe a tail. Then finish it off with a little face paint to create whiskers and a cute kitty nose. Done and done. 

Does your child love the glitz and glam? Kick this costume up a notch with glittery makeup or sequin-embellished clothes. You can even dress it up with a fluffy black tutu (check out the link above for an easy no-sew option). No matter which way you go, your little one will have a purr-fect Halloween outfit. 


This is another option where the basics are easy to gather. All you need is a white lab coat and safety goggles. You could stop there and everyone will know exactly what your child is. But if you have some extra time, you can do so much more. 

Get into character before Halloween by creating some colorful crystals. This kit is not only a fun STEM craft, but will also leave your child with an excellent accessory for their costume. Have them break out their best mad scientist laugh while they show off their crystal creations to the neighborhood.

Looking for something super trendy? Get ahead of the new Spiderman movie and craft some mechanical octopus arms. Pair that with your white lab coat and your little one can terrorize the neighborhood as Doc Ock. Muah ha ha ha!


Many of the costumes on our list work so well because you only need a few pieces to complete the look. In the case of a witch, there’s really only one must-have — the witch’s hat. No matter what your child chooses to wear, plop a black pointy hat on their head and your spooky witch is ready to go. 

Turn up the fun with some colorful striped tights. You can also accessorize the look with a broomstick or wand. Grab some ribbon and create something colorful and magical that your child will love playing with for months to come.


Zombies are all the rage these days. And lucky for you, this is a super easy costume to pull together. 

With a little creative face paint, your child can be a zombie soccer player, zombie dancer, or zombie chef. Make any old costume or uniform extra spooky with a few strategic rips and tears, red “bloody” paint, and just the right shade of ghoulish green skin. 

Did you know our Purple Ladybug Hair Chalk doubles as a safe and easy face and body paint? Check it out here!

Now all that’s left is to practice that zombie slow walk while saying “brains”.  

Fairy Princess

Change up a favorite princess dress with a few extras and your child can become a fairy princess for a night. Missing the fairy wings? You can make your own. Check out these easy, no-sew fairy wings by Now That’s Peachy. I love the ease of this craft. If you have more time, there are also some great cellophane fairy wings that look absolutely beautiful. 

Looking for more? Add some extra fairy magic to a wand or headband with our shrink craft kit! With this fun weekend craft, you can create and customize flower, rainbow, and unicorn charms. Your nature-loving fairy will love these unique additions to her costume. 


Your child can dress up as their favorite majestic creature this Halloween. All you need are some colorful butterfly wings and an antenna headband. These felt wings from Buggy and Buddy are cute and simple with just the smallest amount of sewing. Even if you don’t sew, you can pull these off! Customize them with your child’s favorite colors and watch your little butterfly’s heart flutter.


This is a classic costume for a reason. All you really need is a white sheet and a pair of scissors. Cut some eye holes, and make sure the sheet is not too long (got to be Halloween safe!) and your ghost is ready to scare up some fun!

Super Kid

If your child loves superheroes, it can be hard to choose only one favorite. This year, skip the overdone Marvel and DC characters and make them into their own superhero. Here comes Super Kid! 

Let your child choose their favorite colors, grab a felt sheet for a cape, and DIY a unique mask with stars, lightning bolts, rainbows, or other favorite embellishments. Choose a special name and watch them practice their new superhero powers all night long.


Does your kiddo love helping out in the kitchen? They can be a chef this year! Just throw on a kid-sized apron, add a rubber whisk in their candy collecting bowl, and give everything a dusting of flour. Bam! Your little chef is ready to go!

Be sure to whip up some tasty Halloween treats with your little one and you’ll be a favorite at the Halloween party for sure.

Scuba Diver

This is the costume for your little ocean lover! Check out this amazing DIY scuba diver costume for your kid from Delineate Your Dwelling. This is a little more involved than the other costumes on our list, but it is just too awesome not to include. So go grab those 2-liter bottles and get to crafting! This will be an incredible, unique Halloween look for your little one.

Don’t forget the Halloween extras!

Now that you have some amazing last-minute costume ideas for your kid, don’t forget all the other little details. Get trick or treat ready with plenty of candy. And don’t forget the school’s Halloween party. 

If you’re looking for a fun alternative to candy for this year’s school party, stickers are a great choice (and they also help avoid allergen issues!). And don’t forget a special bag for collecting their treats! 

Ditch the single-use pumpkin buckets for our new Drawstring Bag. This fun craft results in a shimmery personalized bag that can be used for far more than trick or treating. Or check out our Color Your Own Messenger Bag. It’s a perfect choice for your little mermaid or princess. 

Visit the Purple Ladybug Amazon store for these and more crafty Halloween treats, complete with Prime shipping. And have a very happy Halloween!

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