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4 Amazing Christmas Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything

Grandparents are famous (or should we say notorious?) for treating their grandchildren.

As a way of celebrating achievements or rewarding good behavior, some families also buy gifts for their kids. The result is some kids can end up with many presents on holidays and birthdays.

However it happens, some children seem to have their every whim and want catered to, making it nearly impossible to find unique gifts for them come the holidays.

So, we're going to explore four Christmas ideas for kids and teens who seem to have it all. These suggestions also make great gift ideas for the kids who don't have everything.

1 - Make Timeless Memories With a Gift of Time

If the toy chest is already overflowing, you may want to turn to a consumable, but memorable, gift. Consider giving experiences and outings—time spent together—as gift material, instead of simply buying more "stuff."

For one thing, a child or teen outgrows toys, books, and clothing. But the memories made during a fun outing or new experience can last a lifetime.

Also, experiences often provide opportunities for growth and trying new things, which can pave the way for new hobbies, new habits, or a whole new way of looking at life.

Here are some experiences that make for amazing memories, amazing times, and amazing kids gifts:

  • Gift certificates to places like climbing gyms, riding stables, and trampoline parks
  • Classes such as martial arts, swimming, cooking, dance, art or music lessons
  • A weekly or monthly "date" with parents, grandparents, or other family members, complete with redeemable "coupons" for the recipient

Along these lines are the many themed "subscription box" services that deliver a new batch of goodies every month. While they may not involve leaving the house, there is the anticipation of awaiting their arrival, as well as the fun of receiving a "surprise" every month.

Many subscription boxes are also educational in nature and offer new, fun, and exciting experiences a child might not otherwise have.

Making memories, sharing fun, or learning something new is always more rewarding and enjoyable than a mountain of stuff that becomes old, outgrown, and irrelevant before long.

When you choose experiences as Christmas gifts for kids who have everything, you're giving them something out of the ordinary and quite literally out of the box.

2 - Advent Calendars Make Great Christmas Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

One of the joys of the holiday season for many families is the tradition of an Advent calendar.

And one of the best things about an Advent calendar is that it can be an experience in itself. Twenty-four days of memories and fun wrapped up in one gift.

Of course, you have to give an Advent calendar before December 1st, and by Christmas Day, it’ll have served its purpose—perhaps it is more a pre-Christmas gift idea? Still, an Advent calendar can be the perfect gift idea for those hard-to-shop-for little people.

Most Advent calendars offer 24 days of small gifts, ranging from candies to toys, from trinkets to themed items. You can find Advent calendars for Star Wars fans, Harry Potter muggles, and Lego maniacs. And everyone, it seems, in between.

Our 2022 Advent calendar, perfect for little kids age 6 and up, is full of our signature crafty fun.

There are mini projects to complete, including tree ornaments and mini SunGemmers. There are girly bits like hair bows and makeup, necklaces, and bracelets. And then there are craft supplies, like scented stickers and markers, our Scratchy scratch paper, and wax sticks.

All of the craft projects in the calendar come with a "parent's sheet" of complete instructions and notes to help your little one get the most out of her daily treat.

The video below shows each one of the 24 gifts in our 2022 Advent calendar for girls 6 and up.

We really think our Advent calendar is an excellent choice when it comes to Christmas present ideas for kids, especially little girls, who have everything. It combines the joy and fun of the season with meaningful, memorable times.

3 - The Gift of Reading Can Make a Difference

mother and child reading together

Even the most imaginative toys can’t stimulate the mind the way a good book can.

The gift of reading—whether it's through a stack or series of books, or through membership in a subscription service—is another way for kids to make amazing memories that last long after the book is read to tatters.

With monthly book subscriptions for every age, from under 3 all the way into adulthood, this gift can grow with a child, too, easing some of the burden of the gift giver.

At Purple Ladybug, we love to encourage kids to read and to be read to. We even offer a free printable book tracking sheet to help you and your child create a reading log of the amazing stories they’ve read.

Giving the gift of a good book, or 12, helps the kid who has everything to explore new ideas, new places, and new adventures.

4 - Gifts That Make Things and Make Memories, Too

The kid who has everything to play with, might be able to use a few things to "make" with.

At Purple Ladybug, we're all about family fun, especially when that fun is creative. We specialize in unique craft supplies, crafting and science kits, and the amazing times and memories that come with them.

And the best part about some of our kits is that the finished product makes a lovely gift to give someone else, meaning less stuff to clutter up your space.

Have fun, make fun, with kids gift ideas like the ones below:

Most of our products are perfect for kids. However, some of our craft kits are intended for teens over the age of 14 and adults, and are marked with a *.

Here's a short video introduction to our fun and crafty product line.

And in case you were wondering how many gifts one of our kits might make, we’ve provided a table with a small selection of our kits to give you an idea.

Purple Ladybug Craft Kit Number Of Finished Items
Liquid Glitter Jelly Bracelets 6
Red and Green Crystal Growing Kit 2
Soy Wax Candle Kits 6
SunGemmers Wolf, Cactus, and Eagle 3

Make some stunning items, and memories to go with them, with our craft kits and supplies.

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Purple Ladybug and Your Christmas Gift List

Whether you choose our Advent calendar or another product from our catalog of gift ideas, we’ll make a couple of guarantees:

  1. Our products are tested for safety in a third-party, independent laboratory and meet toy safety standards.
  2. Our products are made with both parents and kids in mind. We’re parents, too. We want our products to bring as much delight to you and your children as they do to us and ours.

And you don't have to just take our word for it, either. Here are a couple of reviews from our happy, satisfied customers.

The first is for last year's Advent calendar:

Purple Ladybug Advent calendar review

And the second is for one of our lip balm kits for older girls:

Purple Ladybug lip balm kit review

We encourage you to consider Purple Ladybug and our products for all the hard-to-shop-for (and not so hard-to-shop-for) kids on your list this year.

Whether you shop from our special holiday collection, or our general catalog, there's sure to be something there to spark Christmas ideas for the kids, large and small, on your list.

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