Celebrating NYE with Your Kids!

Celebrating NYE with Your Kids!

This New Year’s Eve we will be celebrating all that 2021 has in store for us (maybe a return to more normal life?), and that 2020 is over.  

2020 has been filled with a lot of anxiety inducing, life changing events. Uncertainty headed into 2021 is expected, but we are hopeful people and new beginnings mean there is the opportunity for good things, better things, to begin in our lives. 

So, with all that hope and good feeling filling up our hearts, let’s CELEBRATE!!   

🎉 Even though Time Square will be empty, they are still doing a virtual ball drop!  Consider doing a Group Watch with your family and play games on Zoom until it is time to make all the noise to ring in the New Year! 

🎉 New Year’s Eve with little ones has always been tricky because we all know that staying up until midnight is not always the best idea for them. Instead, decorate the house and party with them until a half hour before they go to bed! Create a countdown and make all the noise and kiss and throw the confetti! Then let them go to bed having “rang in the New Year” without the late-night fuss.  

🎉 Take time to write down some resolutions or goals for 2021 with your kids. Help them to think of things that they want to learn or get better at.   

🎉 Make a 2021 memory jar. The kids can decorate it and you can place it somewhere that everyone can reach. Put memorable moments in the jar all year and then read them at the end of 2021! 

🎉 Play a board or card game together.   

🎉 Make special munchies as a family. 

🎉 Think of the things in 2020 that you wouldn’t change. Ask your kids what the best part of the year was for them. Share what the best part of the year was for you!  

There is no denying this year was rough. Thank goodness we are still able to connect via the internet!  Thank you for spending your time with us this year!  Hoping 2021 brings you joy and peace! 

Remember to follow us on social @PLBFun in 2021 to see all of the exciting things we have coming your way! 

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