FREE Printables: Summer Printables Booklet 1 "Building a Diverse Playroom for Your Kids"

FREE Printables: Summer Printables Booklet 1 "Building a Diverse Playroom for Your Kids"

Play is an important way for kids to learn. It’s when their imaginations soar and when they absorb a lot of information about the world and how it works. We’ve been looking into ways to make kids’ playrooms a more diverse place to learn, grow, and explore so that they can better understand that we live in a big world full of beautiful diversity.  

Here are some ideas to build more diversity into our kids' playrooms: 

🤎 Expand their play food choices! - There is a whole world of food offerings. You can now easily find food toys that represent foods from around the world like sushi, African play food sets, and Hispanic play food sets. (Plus, as a frequent diner at your kids’ play restaurant, you might enjoy the variety in your menu options. 😉) 

🤎 Include dolls, action figures and other people's toys with varied skin tones, hair types, and who are from different ethnic backgrounds. 

🤎 Buy board games, puzzles, and card games that promote inclusivity and feature images of diverse people 

🤎 Stream music from around the world and look for instruments so your kids can play around and make music from around the world. 

🤎 Stock up on craft supplies like paper, paint, crayons, markers, and colored pencils in a variety of skin tones. Our sets of markers contain more than one skin tone!  (Hint: use them on this week’s FREE SUMMER PRINTABLES - BOOKLET 1!) 

🤎 Add to your home library or pay a visit to the public library and read more books that include stories from around the world and include characters of all backgrounds and skin tones. 

Your diverse playroom is going to grow and change with your child and their interests, as you add to your collection, keep diversity in mind! 

How are you promoting diversity in your home? Please tell us in the comments. We are always looking for more ideas! And be sure to follow us @PLBFun to see more of what we’re doing as well. 

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