Bringing the best from 2020 into 2021

Bringing the best from 2020 into 2021

What will the new year bring? Most of us wouldn’t have predicted 2020!  But what if we consider what we want to keep from the past yearThings that made it special in a good way? What if we took a minute to imagine a 2021 where we learned from 2020 and grew into better people?   

Here are a few things to consider: 

💗 We learned new ways to communicate. (Hello Zoom!) 

💗 We learned that it is hard to not be physically present in our communities. (But isolation had its benefits, too.) 

💗 We spent more time with our immediate families. (Sometimes it was a bit much, but this time also gave us an extra appreciate for these people we’re spending our lives with!) 

💗We gained perspective when we realized how important the some activities in our lives are -- and how unnecessary other things are to keep in our schedules . 

💗 We learned more about ourselves and our children because we had the time to contemplate, reflect, and just be together! 

2020 is not going to disappear without leaving traces (maybe a few scars) on our hearts. 2021 will not be an instant return to the way life was. Perhaps it shouldn’t be. Perhaps we can take the positive things we learned this year and carry them forward.   

Tonight, sit down with your kids and read them a story. Talk about this year. Ask them to draw their favorite thing about this year. Reflect on the kindness you saw and make plans on how to spread even more kindness in the new year (grab some of our FREE kindness printables to help!).  

Let’s get ready for an incredible 2021...whatever it may bring. And let’s do it together! 

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