Bring on the Green with these Simple St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

Bring on the Green with these Simple St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

It’s March, and that means St. Patrick's Day is coming up fast! 


March 17th is known the world over as a time to celebrate Irish culture. And as the day approaches, you’ll start to see loads of sparkly green decorations, leprechauns, and plenty of four-leaf clovers.


While the emerald holiday isn't as immediately kid-friendly as some on the calendar, there are still plenty of St. Patrick’s Day activities your kids can enjoy. So what can you do with your kids to celebrate this day? Here are our favorite St. Patrick’s Day crafts that will keep everyone having fun on the luckiest day of the year.


Four Leaf Clovers Galore


One of the most recognizable symbols of St. Patrick's Day is the four-leaf clover, also known as a shamrock. But did you know that in St. Patrick’s origin story, he actually used the three-leaf clover plant to illustrate the trinity while teaching the catholic faith? But whether 3 or 4, this sign of spring holds an important significance in Irish culture.


In the lead-up to this St. Patrick’s Day, help your child make their own special clover! There are several simple ways to create this craft.

Painting shamrocks


One of the easiest shamrock craft options is to use green paint and the best tool your child was born with — their hands! Simply dip their hands into green paint and stamp around 3 or 4 times to make the clover shape. Then add a stem and you have a special shamrock keepsake. 


Your child will love squishing their hands into the paint. And you can try a variety of different types of paint to make it more fun — glitter, glossy, or puffy paint are great options for older kiddos! Or keep it simple and safe with non-toxic, water-based paints for your littlest ones.


If you’re looking for less mess, your child can create a shamrock using dot markers. Or try cotton balls or even marshmallows dipped in paint! Just be sure to leave plenty of paint-free ones out for snacking too.  ;)

Paper crafting

Ditch the paint completely and create the perfect shamrock with some simple paper crafting. Let your kids tear construction paper and then use this template to create a shamrock mosaic. Depending on their age, they can help you cut paper into pieces or simply rip it if they're too young for scissors. Then take some glue and fill in their shamrock shape.


You can also mix up your paper crafting with some of our rainbow-colored scratch paper! Your child will love drawing clovers of all sizes on this unique paper, revealing rainbow colors under the black surface. And the Scratch Paper Mini Notes are perfectly sized for creating a shamrock scavenger hunt. Just draw a few shiny shamrocks and hide them throughout the house. Your kids will love deciphering the clues to find their shiny leprechaun treasures!


March to the Beat


How do most people around the world celebrate St. Patty's Day? Parades, of course! Grab your kiddos and everything green to observe a fun parade. Check out everyone’s wacky costumes while marching along or waving from the sidelines.


Of course, with the current state of the world, you may not be eager to gather together on such a grand scale. So instead,  create your own parade with friends and neighbors to keep things small scale. Make signs and banners using glitter, glue, paint, and anything green to wave around your neighborhood during the parade.


And while you're getting ready to march to the drum’s beat, don't forget to look the part!


You and your child can pick out the greenest outfit in your closet. Add some face paint, glitter, and rainbow hair chalk to complete your festive look.

Green Everything


Ireland is called the emerald isle for a reason. It's incredibly green! And so is its famous holiday (though surprisingly St. Patrick himself was originally associated with the color blue, not green).


Besides dressing all in green for a parade, there are plenty of vibrantly green arts and activities you can do with your child.


For a really fun (but messy) craft, try this recipe for green slime! Your kids will love the squish, sensory experience, making the mess (almost) totally worth it.  ;)


You and your child can also make a St. Patrick's Day-themed sensory bottle. All you'll need is a clean, empty bottle, warm water, glue, and glitter. To make a sensory bottle fit for a leprechaun, add mini shamrocks or gold dots. Your child will love watching these shimmering pieces drift to the bottom again and again.


There are also plenty of fun and edible green goodies to try. From a bright green smoothie or milkshake to shamrock pretzels and rainbow fruit trays. These St. Patrick’s Day-themed treats can serve as snacks for your parade or for filling in your pots of gold. 


Leprechauns, Rainbows, and Pots of Gold


Speaking of gold, you can't have pots of gold at the end of rainbows without thinking of leprechauns.


How exactly did leprechauns become part of St. Patrick's Day?


They’re actually a big part of Celtic lore. These fairy-like creatures pop up in plenty of stories, usually hoarding their treasure or granting wishes (if you can catch one). But when we think of them on St. Patrick's Day we often think of naughty, short, red-haired troublemakers who go around pinching folks not wearing green. Either way, these crafty little guys make for fun activities your child can enjoy.


Your child can create their own little leprechaun using this pattern and some paper plates. Use them in a scavenger hunt or simply hang them up for a bit of good luck.


Another fun idea is to make leprechaun traps! You and your kid can create this STEM craft to set up in the morning. Then by evening, check to see if you've lured any unsuspecting leprechauns into your device!


Rainbows are a fun addition to any activity and incredibly easy to create. You can paint a rainbow with your child using watercolors, finger paint, glitter paint, or even glue and glitter in different colors. Or try making it out of markers, crayons, colored pencils, or colored paper. And one of our favorites is using color paper links to make a rainbow over a pot of gold!


Rainbows can be edible too with colorful pasta or jello! Check out the links to see how both of these can be used to create a fun sensory activity for your younger kiddos.


And while all these ideas can be done with older children, here are a few activities just for them. Your tween may enjoy making their own sweet-smelling lip balm for the parade. The rainbow-colored cases are perfect for spring! Or invite your older child to paint flower pots as leprechaun hats or pots of gold, and use them later to plant some spring flowers.



There is plenty of luck-filled fun to be had for St. Patrick's Day. This special day with roots in Ireland is celebrated worldwide and makes a great welcome to the spring season. And while we often see it with rainbows, gold, and loads of green, it's also a day representing freedom and expressing the joy that freedom brings. 


So whether you create epic crafts, dress in all green, search for leprechauns in the backyard, or eat your fill of rainbow-colored foods, you're sure to have a shamrockin’ good time!



How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @plbfun to share your favorite green crafts with us! And enjoy your holiday!

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