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Boys' Gifts Ideas to Inspire Their Creativity

Are your sons or nephews celebrating a birthday party soon? Are you a mom that is stumped over gift ideas?

If you caught yourself nodding your head in agreement, you’ve come to the right place. We have some neat ideas that could be perfect to help you choose the right gift for your boys.

One of the gift ideas that many parents overlook for their six-year-old boys is craft gifts.

Craft gifts are great at enhancing any boy’s creativity and imagination, no matter their age. The main reason for this is because craft gifts provide your boys with a surefire avenue for them to exercise creativity.

Here are some benefits to why you should foster your son’s creativity:

  • It helps them articulate their self-expression
  • It prepares them to be good problem solvers
  • It gives them an edge in adapting to change
  • It hones them to be an open-minded person

Let’s face it: while a skateboard might provide some fun, there’s no better way for your sons to exercise creativity than through playing with craft toys.

Your son deserves a gift that is both a fun and learning experience.

Of course, your daughters might enjoy these toys as well! (Our daughter LOVES this water bottle and uses it daily!).

Let’s look at some brand new gift ideas you can find on this site or on Amazon.

4 Gift Ideas For Boys To Inspire Their Creativity

A Water Bottle That Also Serves As A Canvas—Craft Gift Ideas

Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Kids Water Bottle for Boys Craft Kit
Source: Amazon | Decorate Your Own Kids Water Bottle

Practical gifts are always the best, but this one makes it even more awesome because it’s both enjoyable and functional.

Many toys serve just one purpose: to serve as a plaything. Thankfully this one won’t sit at the back of the shelf once your son gets bored of it.

That’s because the DIY personalized water bottle is a gift that keeps on giving: It’s a fun activity to create, and at the end of it they’ll have a cool bottle that is uniquely theirs.

Not only is this awesome craft perfect for cultivating your son’s creativity, it’s also something any boy could use any day of the week. 

Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Kids Water Bottle for Boys Craft Kit
Source: Amazon | Decorate Your Own Kids Water Bottle

Both practical and artsy, this bottle is great for boys ages 5 and up to carry anywhere—from the skate park to the classroom.

Another awesome thing to note is that it can carry up to 20 ounces of liquid, perfect for active boys who run and play all day long.

Not only that, but it also comes with a flip lid for easy and secure opening and closing. The carabiner is another great addition to let them hang the bottle to their backpacks.

But this bottle doesn’t stop at its functionality. What sets it apart is the amount of cool-looking stickers that your boy can decorate with. The final product would be his and his alone!

This particular product also comes with six sheets of stickers, so your creative child can swap out their specially-made designs whenever they want and still have some to spare.

So if you want a functional but fun gift, take a good look at this amazing bottle! 

Lots of fun times for your child await with these high-quality bottles and their vast array of customizable stickers.

Interested in this super cool gift idea? Get your son the Purple Ladybug water bottle today.

Scratch Paper Art Notebook — A Specially-Designed Notebook With A Rainbow Backdrop

Purple Ladybug Rainbow Scratch Paper Art
Source: Amazon | Rainbow Scratch Paper Art

Want to surprise your little one with a notebook that draws a rainbow-like stroke with just one bamboo pen? This colorful and delightful treat may be just what you need!

It’s an absolute thrill for just about any child, regardless of whether they are still entering elementary school or already a tween boy!

How it works is your boy scratches the black surface with a special pen that comes with the package. As you scratch the paper's surface with the included stylus-style scratcher, the rainbow patterned spectacle beneath the black surface will reveal itself, showing many beautiful colors.

What’s more, this product holds over 20 thick pages for your child to play with, which is great as it encourages them with ample creative space to doodle to their heart’s desire.   

The possibilities that can be made up with are endless and are truly up for your child to concoct.

Purple Ladybug Rainbow Scratch Paper Art
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug Rainbow Scratch Paper Art Kit

Whether they want to draw a scene straight out of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or a world from Minecraft, Roblox or another game — your child absolutely can do just that. Not even the sky’s the limit!

Whether your kids are just ages 6 and below or are already tween boys, this is one of the great gift ideas out there that is sure to keep their creativity challenged.

Do you like these gift ideas for your kids? Get your Purple Ladybug Rainbow Scratch Paper Art Kit now!

3D Puffy Stickers — A Sticker Megapack With Over 1,900 Unique Stickers To Choose From

Purple Ladybug 3D Puffy Stickers for Kids & Toddlers Mega
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug 3D Puffy Stickers

Looking for the best gift ideas for a seven-year-old? How about gifts for boys from any age group that inspire them to become even more creative?

This 3D Puffy Stickers Mega Variety Pack that comes with 80 unique sheets might just be the gift your kid or teen boy needs to amp up their creativity!

Each sheet comes with approximately 25 individual stickers with each sheet in an individual sleeve.

Both secure and packed, this product is an absolute bargain.

If you tally the numbers up, the megapack totals to over 1,900 individual stickers.

Purple Ladybug 3D Puffy Stickers
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug 3D Puffy Stickers

These stickers range from common objects like hearts, stars, animals, food, dinosaurs, alphabets, emojis, and so many more.

It is a true bang-for-your-buck product considering just the amount of stickers that a single pack contains.

One of the other great things about this gift is its convenient packaging. It’s sturdy, very easy to wrap, and perfect for keeping the stickers inside organized and sealed tight.

So if your boy would prefer gifts that are more arts and crafts-oriented rather than a basketball hoop, the 3D Puffy Sticker megapack may be just the gift you need.

Want one of these amazing gift ideas for boys? Order your 3D Puffy Stickers for Kids & Toddlers Mega Variety Pack now.

Shrink Art Kit — Crafting Cool Artisan Items — By Putting Them Right In The Oven!

PURPLE LADYBUG 53 Piece Shrink Plastic Art Craft Kit for Kids
Source: Amazon | 53 Piece Shrink Plastic Art Craft Kit

Want your boy to feel like a winner with a unique and hands-on building set? Look no further: this is one of the coolest gifts for boys you can find anywhere in the online marketplace!

With this 53-piece shrink art set, you and your boy can come up with the most beautiful crafts, barrettes, and keychains in a breeze.

Despite needing an oven, the steps are not challenging at all to follow. Any child could do it under adult supervision.

First, your son must draw a design and color it in. Once they are done with that, they should then cut the design to their desired liking. Then finally, they have to carefully put it in the oven and ready it for baking. Simple as one two three!

PURPLE LADYBUG 53 Piece Shrink Plastic Art Craft Kit for Kids
Source: Amazon | 53 Piece Shrink Plastic Art Craft Kit

If you want to know the science behind it: the shrink film sheets that come with the kit will harden from a soft flexible plastic film, turning the craft into your child’s very own masterpiece. Kids LOVE watching it shrivel and then shrink flat in the oven!

Once finished, your son will have crafted his very own unique shrunk design! It would undoubtedly be a proud moment for him to show his creation off to his friends and relatives.

The cool thing about this kit is that anyone in the family can participate in the fun too. Your boy can invite his siblings along in the creation process, for instance.

Together, they can let their imagination come up with awesome new things and create baked crafts that can look like just about anything — from Star Wars characters to a rare video game card.

Additionally, this set includes all sorts of useful goodies.

What It Includes:

  • 15 shrink plastic sheets 
  • Pencil crayons
  • Marker
  •  Hair clips
  •  Barrettes
  •  A pencil sharpener
  •  Tape
  •  Stencils
  • A Hole Punch

PURPLE LADYBUG 53 Piece Shrink Plastic Art Craft Kit for Kids
Source: Amazon | PURPLE LADYBUG 53 Piece Shrink Plastic Art Craft Kit for Kids

And don’t worry, all of the items listed above come in easy portable packaging, making it ideal for giving as gifts.

With that said, you absolutely can’t go wrong with this purchase if you want something interactive and extra special.

Want this starter set perfect for boys ages 6 and ages 7 up? Order your 53 Piece Shrink Art Craft Kit for Kids now. 

More Good Boys Gift Ideas For You

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While a logic game, card game, stem toys, snap circuits, board game, or video games are quintessential sources of enjoyment for any young boy, no gift develops a boy’s creativity as craft toys do.

Here at Purple Ladybug we provide safe, high-quality, and innovative kids’ toys, craft kits, and gift bags that go for an affordable price.

Not only do we offer gift ideas for boys, but we also provide all sorts of toys and products that guarantee your children a great time where they merge learning, growth, and hand-eye coordination together, regardless of age or gender.

Whether it’s resin, glitter and glamour toys, fidgety toys, or fun little mystery games from our scratch art gift bags, you are guaranteed a great and affordable offering with our selection catered for boys and girls alike.

Since we have so many toys in our selection to choose from, you are bound to find one that is PERFECT for you and your kid!

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