FREE Printable: BFF Card "Best Friends are Family!"

FREE Printable: BFF Card "Best Friends are Family!"

Do you remember the day you met your BEST FRIEND? Maybe it was the day your moms parked your strollers next to each other at the park. Maybe it was on your first day of Kindergarten, the day you moved into your college dorm, or the day you dropped your own baby off at preschool.

On that first day of your friendship, did you have any idea that this person would change your life FOREVER?

No matter how long your best friend has been in your life, best friends are the FAMILY we choose for ourselves.

There is nothing better than laughing, crying...or laughing to the point of crying with your bestie. They are a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. They keep our secrets, know our faults, and LOVE us anyways. Best friends are there for us in good times and in bad, and they should always be TREASURED!

Friendships made in our childhood seem hold an extra special place in our hearts and as parents it’s MAGICAL to witness your children develop these relationships. As parents, we hope with all our hearts that our kids find the SWEETEST and TRUEST friends – whether they find these friendships with siblings, cousins, neighbors, or classmates.

No matter where your best friend is – near or far – make sure to reach out to them on Saturday, June 8th - BEST FRIENDS DAY - to let them know how much they mean to you! You could...

❤️ Send them a card or email. 💌
❤️ Surprise them with their favorite coffee order. ☕
❤️ Plan a lunch date at your old hang out from those pre-baby days. 🍔
❤️ Get together with your families at the park. ☀️
❤️ Watch your favorite movie together – the one that always makes you laugh (or cry)! 🍿
❤️ Reminisce over old pictures...and take a few new ones. 📸

Whatever you do, remember to let your BEST FRIEND know how SPECIAL they are to you and how much they mean to your life. Best friends are hard to come by, but INVALUABLE to have!  Use our FREE DOWNLOADABLE CARD, print it and color to give your BFF (or all your besties!)

(Right Click on Image below and Save As. Then save to your computer and print. :) ) 


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