FREE Printables: Camping Activity Sheets "Back-to-School Backyard Campout "

FREE Printables: Camping Activity Sheets "Back-to-School Backyard Campout "

It’s back-to-school time and while it looks really different this year, it still means the end of summertime for our families. Whether this summer has flown by or felt like the longest summer ever, it deserves a super fun send off. 

Here’s how to make a back-to-school campout that’s sure become a special memory, and maybe even a tradition for your family! 

❤️ Gather up all the supplies you need for sleeping - tents, sleeping bags, pillows. Just because your bed is mere steps away, doesn’t mean you should skimp on being comfy in your backyard slumbers. (But no judgment here if you find yourself wandering into your actual bedat midnight! 🤣) 

️ Get ready for some stargazing! This can be a fun and magical activity to do with kids. Here’s an awesome Beginner’s Guide to Stargazing so you and your kids can learn and enjoy the magical twinkling stars together!

️ Once you’re settled in enjoying the night sky, pull out your phone to identify the constellations. Our kids love using an app like SkyView Lite (free) to identify planets, the International Space Station and of course, some really cool constellations!

❤️ S’mores and other sweet treats are a must! This is definitely a dessert kind of occasion. If you don’t have a campfire or grill, you can make a version in the microwave. Either the traditional kind or Oreo s’mores... “s’moreos"! 

❤️ Take a family hike through the neighborhood. Make it more fun with binoculars, a map, and backpacks. Also, let your kids stop to inspect flowers, bugs, or whatever else they may find along the way! 

❤️ Cook out! If you don’t want to roast hot dogs over an open fire, fire up the backyard grill or simply eat your dinner outside picnic-style! 

❤️ Enjoy camping activities like stargazing and storytelling. Kids love checking out the constellations and with an app like SkyView Lite (free), they can find them with a little help from your phone.  

❤️ Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and water bottles (grab a few of our customizable tumblers for convivence and a fun, ready-to-go activity for your campout) to avoid as many trips into the house. 

Has your family had any backyard campouts this summer? We’d love to hear how they went or what you did!  

And oh! Don't forget to download our FREE Printables for this week!

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