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FREE Printable: Word Search "April Fools' Day!"

April Fools! The day when salt and pepper shakers get switched and cereal is served frozen (both tried and true easy pranks 😉 ). Also the day when the most outrageous and amazing news stories hit the air… until you remember what day it is! 😊

But why? Well, there’s some debate over this. Either April Fools Day is related to spring finally coming and the unpredictable weather that comes with the changing seasons OR it’s because when the calendars changed in the late 1500s to move the New Year to Jan 1 (it used to be April 1), those who continued to celebrate the old new year were considered fools and sent  on “fools’ errands”. There are lots of theories but the one thing everyone agrees on is it’s a day for fun and jokes!

Need some ideas? Check out our pinterest board or download our wordsearch printables to keep kids busy! 

Or, simply think FOOD COLORING – add a few drops to your carton of milk and watch your kids’ reactions when the brightly colored milk makes a splash on Monday morning! Have fun!

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