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FREE Printable: Word Search "April Fools' Day!"

April Fools! The day when salt and pepper shakers get switched and cereal is served frozen (both tried and true easy pranks ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Also the day when the most outrageous and amazing news stories hit the airโ€ฆ until you remember what day it is! ๐Ÿ˜Š

But why? Well, thereโ€™s some debate over this. Either April Fools Day is related to spring finally coming and the unpredictable weather that comes with the changing seasons OR itโ€™s because when the calendars changed in the late 1500s to move the New Year to Jan 1 (it used to be April 1), those who continued to celebrate the old new year were considered fools and sentย  on โ€œfoolsโ€™ errandsโ€. There are lots of theories but the one thing everyone agrees on is itโ€™s a day for fun and jokes!

Need some ideas? Check out our pinterest board or download our wordsearch printables to keep kids busy!ย 

Or, simply think FOOD COLORING โ€“ add a few drops to your carton of milk and watch your kidsโ€™ reactions when the brightly colored milk makes a splash on Monday morning! Have fun!

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Blythe Beatrix Walker Coelho - March 14, 2022

I love your stuff!

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