Advent Calendars for Kids

Advent Calendars for Kids

Christmas is a special occasion for kids. The December festivities are still fresh in their eyes, and the holiday magic hasn’t yet lost its luster. 

And during Christmas time, your child will receive tons of gifts from friends and family. 

But most times they’ll have to wait to open those brand new gifts on Christmas morning. 

To keep the Christmas countdown exciting and satisfy their curiosity, Advent calendars can give children something new to open up on the days leading to the 25th. 

If you want to spread the Christmas magic every day of December, pick up an amazing Advent calendar to keep your children happy. 

Every year, Purple Ladybug releases NEW exciting advent calendars filled with toys. They are unique and filled with the most current and fun toys for kids. 

The Purple Ladybug team SCOURS the marketplace every year to find toys, crafts and accessories that will DELIGHT kids every day as they count down to Christmas. 

Purple Ladybug advent calendars are filled with the best combination of fun packed into one big box. 

Parents and grandparents say that Purple Ladybug advent calendars are the most wonderful advent calendar their kids have ever experienced and they look forward to the next year’s version! 

The Significance of The Advent Calendar

Before diving into the toys and gifts, here’s a little refresher about the Advent season.

Advent is a time of anticipation for many Christians. It celebrates the nativity of Christ on the 25th as well as the days leading up to it. It comes from the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming.” While that surmises the gist of it, Advent is filled with a rich history.

During the 4th and 5th centuries in Spain and Gaul, Advent held more meanings, such as:

  • The time of baptism for newly turned Christians during Epiphany 
  • The celebration of God’s incarnation represented by the Magi visiting Baby Jesus
  • Jesus’s first baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.
  • Jesus’s first miracle at Cana

Today, the Advent season lasts four Sundays leading to Christmas. This annual celebration remembers how the Israelites, in exile and waiting, held hopes of the coming of their Messiah. In the same way, the present Church looks in anticipation for Christ’s coming. This is represented by the holy Advent hymn “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” that is proclaimed and sung during this special season.

Whether your child understands the value of Advent, let them celebrate with you with these toys.

Toy Advent Calendars

Let’s hop on the Santa sleigh, enjoy the winter scene, count down the days, and give your kids a Christmas worth remembering. Here are some of Purple Ladybug’s past advent calendars. Be sure to watch for this year’s and grab it early since they always sell out fast!

Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar with 24 Unique Gifts (Girls)

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For your little girls, she’ll get a whole bunch of trinkets and craft toys to keep her busy during this Advent season. There’s no singular theme that connects all these toys together — just lots and lots of hours of girly fun! The toys are shrink-wrapped in packaging and come with many cute and imaginative gifts.

Aside from the gifts, each advent calendar also comes with its own original set of riddles. Perfect for exercising your little girl’s creativity and logic.

Here’s a comprehensive list of what to expect in these advent calendar kits.

Suitable for girls ages four and up!




Dec 1

Bracelet with Shell

A pearl bracelet with a shell in the middle.

Dec 2

Gemstone Tape and Glitter Tape

A decorative sticker tape to stick on belongings.

Dec 3

Scratch Paper Notes

Fun scratch paper with contrasting backgrounds under an opaque black surface. Pen it with a free stylus.

Dec 4

Gemstone Tape and Glitter Tape

A decorative sticker tape to stick on belongings.

Dec 5

Mermaid Glitter Brush

An applicator brush that applies child-safe makeup and glitter to your child.

Dec 6

Tattoo Stickers & Glitter Pot

Glitter Tattoos that last 2-4 days on the skin.

Dec 7

Nail Polish

For a mini-spa experience for your child.

Note: Nail polish remover needs adult supervision.

Dec 8

Pink Hair Chalk Pen

Colors hair; it can appear differently on different hair textures and shades.

Dec 9

Red & Green Pom Pom Hair Elastics

Fun, colorful clips to keep your hair from being a mess.

Dec 10

Snowman Earrings 

Two festive clip-on earrings.

Dec 11

Wax  Craft Sticks

No set-up, no mess craft. Wax Sticks can stick together and be used for any imaginative mind.

Dec 12

Christmas Themed Eraser Toys

Cute erasers for school and crafts.

Dec 13

Transfers and Foils

Used to decorate art crafts with glitter. Put in transfer film, then apply foil for a beautiful finish.

Dec 14

Unicorn Hair Clip

A fun unicorn-themed clip for your girl.

Dec 15

10 Fun Stickers 

Vinyl Stickers that are easy to peel and can stick to any smooth surface.


Glitter Peach Lip Gloss

Pretty and age-appropriate lip gloss.

Dec 17

Christmas Craft Paper Punch

A craft hole punch for decorating on wrapping paper and Christmas cards.

Dec 18

Glitter Body Gel

Fun gel-based glitter to apply on skin. Wash with soap to clean.

Dec 19

Bee Soft Hair Clip

A bee soft hair clip to keep hair from being messy., farm world advent calendar, superhero fan, christmas tree


...And in the final six days, the list just gets better.

Dec 20

Strawberry Earrings

Fun fruit-themed clip-on earrings.

Dec 21

Snowman Hair Clip

Fun holiday-themed clip-on earrings.

Dec 22

Washi Tape & Gemstone Sticker Tape

A decorative sticker tape to add bling to your child's belongings.

Dec 23

Rainbow Hair Clip

Rainbow-design hair clip with cute pink frills.

Dec 24

Shell Necklace

Pearl-beaded necklace with a shell in the middle (match of Day 1 bracelet).

Dec 25

Glitter Unicorn Bow Tie 

Once Christmas time finally arrives, a glitter, Unicorn hair bow tie awaits you. 

Let the build-up and countdown to Christmas become even more special for your little ones.

This advent calendar for girls includes more than enough treats to keep your little girl happy.

Purple Ladybug Advent Calendar with Cars (Boys)

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Do you have a little boy age four and up that loves colorful toy cars? If so, this car-themed advent calendar is guaranteed to bring your kid a joyous air of festivity.

This special toy advent calendar comes with the following types of cars:

  • Tractor
  • Dumptruck
  • Firetruck
  • Racecar
  • Ambulance
  • Cement Mixer
  • Mail Van
  • A One-of-a-Kind Fold Down Racetrack

The cars found in this advent calendar are all unique. Open a new car every day of December, and your boy’s face will be beaming from end to end. By the end of December, your boy will have 24 additional new cars for his collection. Talk about massive value!

This toy advent calendar may not be the next Hot Wheels, but it’s an advent calendar that your boy will enjoy all the same. The cars, trucks, and other vehicles are true to life and zoom forward after being pulled back. 

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With the fold-down race track that comes with the set, your child can also exercise his creativity and imagination for some off-screen fun. 

This gift item comes with a protective sleeve with intact doors, guaranteed. Your child will be the first to see the cars hidden underneath the packaging’s perforated doors.

Give your boy this toy advent calendar for Christmas, and he’ll be sure to have a blast. 

Where to find the best Advent Calendars?

Purple Ladybug is the place to be for young families looking to buy safe and high-quality toys and craft kits. You can also find us on Amazon.

Our store is founded on the mission to spread happiness during playtime while expressing a child's abundant creativity.

We hope you enjoy our Advent calendars!

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