9 Festive Ways to Celebrate the Holidays for the Covid Cautious

9 Festive Ways to Celebrate the Holidays for the Covid Cautious

December is here and everyone’s excited for the holidays! But with the current state of things, many families are choosing to still keep their distance this year. Whether you’re concerned for older family members, those with compromised immune systems, or your unvaccinated kiddos, you have your reasons to play it safe.

You may not be able to share the holiday joy face to face, but you can still celebrate with your loved ones this season. Need a few ideas to keep your long-distance Christmas jolly? Here are our favorite suggestions for celebrating Christmas from a distance with family.

9 Ways to Spread Joy from a Distance this Holiday

Send gifts directly to your families’ doors

Even if you aren’t getting together in person, you can still gift them their new favorite things. Keep the gifting spirit alive and ship their presents directly to their door this holiday. You can easily add a shipping address in Amazon and include a special gift message. Their eyes will light up, even if the wrapping is missing.  

Want to keep the fun going after the gifts are open? Gift your entire list a craft from Purple Ladybug! We have gifts for everyone, from toddlers to adults. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect present, and then shop our Amazon store to get it quickly shipped right to their door. 

Everyone can open their new gifts while FaceTiming, then set up a day to spend time crafting over video. You can all enjoy creating with your new crafts together!

Schedule a Zoom baking day

Cakes, cookies, candies, and pie are a favorite part of the holiday season. If your family loves to make and bake, consider scheduling a virtual baking day. Everyone can plan for their favorite treat and share their baking day plans via email.

Pick your day, gather your ingredients, and join your family on Zoom for a fun-filled day of baking. Blast some Christmas tunes, mix up your batter, then catch up and chat while everything bakes. Don’t forget the red and green icing and sprinkles! Then show off and sample your yummy creations!

Swap treats in the mail

You just made your famous Christmas treats — now it’s time to send out those holiday care packages. Create some cookies, pull together a hot cocoa bomb, or concoct a delicious holiday spice mix. Then ship them out.

Everyone in your family can share their favorite treats. Making grandma’s delicious hot cocoa while enjoying your favorite aunt’s sugar cookies is a special way to keep your family close this holiday.

Stream a holiday movie together

Have you heard of a watch party? Some of your favorite streaming apps, like Disney+, let you gather with friends and family to watch your holiday movies and shows. Or try an app like Teleparty to watch your favorites together. Teleparty even includes a chat feature!

You don’t have to miss out on your family’s yearly tradition of A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation with freshly popped buttery popcorn. Gather virtually and laugh it up together this holiday.

Spread the cheer with Christmas cards

Everyone loves to get Christmas cards! Seeing how the kids are growing every year is always special. And over the last couple of years, Christmas cards have been a much-needed connection to our friends and family.

Looking for a great way to display all the cards you’re receiving this year? Buy a simple bulletin board and create a one-of-a-kind Christmas card tree. Or check out some of these great Christmas card displays on Etsy. They’re a beautiful way to add some festive decor to your home this season.

Need a way to get your kids involved in the Christmas card fun? Hide all of the cards you’ve received and plan a scavenger hunt. Share facts about your family while giving clues to the cards’ whereabouts. Your kids can learn more about their cousins, aunts, and uncles while searching your house for their family card. It’s a fun way to keep family top of mind this holiday! 

Send a special holiday note

If you want to thrill the grandparents this year, get your kids to help you with a handwritten note. They can add their own message (written or translated by you as needed 😜), or include a favorite drawing.

Catch the fam up on everyone’s favorite things. Share how school is going. Describe your kid’s favorite friends and shows. Share a new recipe they must try. Just talk about your day-to-day and connect. They’ll love the thought behind their note. And it’s sure to find a special place on their fridge or mantle. 

Sing in an online chorus

If caroling is a yearly tradition, you can still share songs together using today’s technology. Pack up your phone or tablet and bring your extended family along on your neighborhood trek. Or plan a day to sing your favorite Christmas songs together while everyone relaxes in the comfort of their home.

The kids may even enjoy sharing a virtual holiday dance party with their cousins. Turn on their favorite holiday tunes and rock it out together. It will be a loud, but fantastic time for everyone.

Share a festive beverage 

Some drinks are just special to the holidays. So break out the hot cocoa, eggnog, or that special bottle of wine and pour it up during your virtual gathering. 

You can plan on everyone sharing the same festive drink — just send out your favorite eggnog or cocoa recipe in an email the week before. Or let everyone choose their own libation. Then raise a glass and toast to family together. And be sure to remember those delicious baking day treats too!

Swap Christmas crafts

Bond with long-distance family this holiday by creating some fun holiday crafts. Our favorites to swap are simple Christmas ornaments. Depending on the size of your family, you can share a handmade ornament with every cousin, or have each smaller family unit swap with another. 

It’s a beautiful and fun way to fill your tree with unique crafts. And they’ll bring back this year’s Christmas memories for many years to come. 

Crafting ornaments can also create memorable holiday moments with your kids. Choose a kid-friendly craft (this craft kit is perfect for creating one-of-a-kind ornaments), and let them create a masterpiece to gift.

Enjoy the holidays from a distance!

Even if you can’t physically be together, there are many ways to keep old traditions alive, or even start new ones. It’s amazing to live at a time when we have the technology to share the holidays with those that are still miles away.

What ways are you connecting with your extended family this year? Send us a note, or share in the comments. We’d love to see the crafts and goodies you’re making to spread a little extra holiday cheer. 

Happy Holidays from your friends at Purple Ladybug!

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