9 Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Plus Fun DIY Activities for the Family

9 Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Plus Fun DIY Activities for the Family

Finally! Spring is here. Can you believe it? Spring 2022 already! 

We’re excited about warmer weather, flowers blooming, and, best of all, gorgeous rainbows. It’s a beautiful time of year to spontaneously adventure with your children. How can you resist those pretty, sunshiny days!

From perfect park outings to picnics filled with arts and crafts in the warm sunshine, it’s a great time to celebrate this season with your kiddos. So, what are the best spring crafts for this time of the year?

9 Creatively Fun Spring Crafts for Kids 

If you’re looking for creative spring activities, our list is full of crafts you can do at home, during playtime, or out on a family picnic. Some are no mess, others use paint, but all are full of fun. Here are our nine favorite spring activities for kids. 


SunGemmers are the perfect craft to ignite your child’s creativity while also enhancing their fine motor skills. These bejeweled suncatchers use a simple peel-and-stick approach to create a beautiful, glittering picture. Your child can place their finished pieces on a window in their room to catch the sun and reflect a rainbow of colors. SunGemmers come in four different kits: 

Each kit includes pre-printed window designs, color guides, sun-catching gemstone stickers, and double-sided tape for hanging. It’s a great activity to welcome the longer days of spring!

Dixie Cup Windmills

    Have you ever seen how fascinated a child gets with a windmill toy? They’ll spin it or blow on it for hours. Fuel your child’s enthusiasm for all things spinning and try these simple windmill toys made with paper cups. This is a hands-on craft perfect for those breezy spring days. 

    To create the windmills, choose a cup and paint it with your child. After letting it dry, use a marker to draw the windows and the door. Then you or your child can cut the blades from construction paper. Glue the blades over each other in the form of an X, put a split pin through the paper and cup, and loosely secure the pin. This allows the blades to spin.

    When you’re done, take your new creation outside and watch as they run like the wind to watch it spin! Their windmill also makes a cute garden decoration when secured to your garden beds. 

    Crystal Growing Kit

    Your child can create rainbow-colored crystals with this fun STEM kit! And kits the entire family can play with are always a win! With these crystal growing kits, your family can explore science, experimentation, mixing, and chemistry. This interactive activity will leave your child with beautiful, colorful crystals they can display, showing off their rad science skills! There are three kits, each with two colors: 

    Each kit includes everything you need to create your crystals. Choose your kiddo’s favorite colors for a memorable project. 

    Paper Plate Flower

    Springtime means blooming flowers! You can’t grow a garden for your little ones in a day, but you can create awesome flowers with some paper plates and paint.

    To make the flowers, help your child paint a craft stick green and let it dry while cutting small slits into the paper plates. After the slits are cut, paint the paper plate with your little one. Let their imagination run free as they paint it however they like. Once the plate is dry, glue the stick to the back of the plate. You can also cut leaves from some green construction paper to add to your stick. And when you’re finished, you have a beautiful memento to keep. 

    Shrink Craft Art Kit

    Need more springtime decorations? With the Shrink Craft Art Kit, your family can create rainbow and flower art that shrinks into perfectly sized, wearable trinkets. As parents, we love to display our childrens’ art  —  we hang it on the fridge or in a frame in our office. But how about taking it up a notch and turning their artwork into a keychain? 

    Your child can get creative with the included clear or colored film sheets. Once they’re done being Van Gogh, place their art in the oven and watch it shrink! This set includes 53 pieces to unleash your child’s innovative imagination. You’ll be covered up in springtime art in no time!

    DIY Birdhouses

    During the spring, the sweet whistling of birds brings plenty of smiles. For younger children, the sound fills them with curiosity and joy — which bird is making the noise, and where are they? Bring the birds closer this spring by constructing birdhouses with your child.

    Visit the link above to make adorable birdhouses out of milk or goldfish cartons! Work with your child to cut, paint, hang, and finally, fill with birdseed. Then wait for their delight as the birds come to visit.

    Color-in Puzzles

    Spring is full of sunshine, but also lots and lots of rain. When you need a great indoor activity, check out this puzzle craft kit. Children love puzzles — they can test their problem-solving skills while feeling the satisfaction of completing a challenge. 

    And even more fun, they get to color the puzzles’ fantastical mermaid and unicorn designs! This kit includes two unique puzzles for double the fun. Bonus — the vibrantly colored markers and a free color-in pencil case are also included!

    These color-in puzzles promote problem-solving, spatial awareness, logical thinking, and fine motor skill development with a dash of art. That’s a rainy day win!

    Q-Tip Daisy Craft

    Q-tips aren’t just for cleaning — they’re also perfect for making daisies. This is a fun, hands-on, and extremely easy DIY spring craft you and your kiddo will enjoy — mainly because of the play dough.  ;)

    To build a daisy with q-tips, begin by cutting your q-tips in half. Your child can dip the cotton part into different paint colors — this is optional; we know paint can sometimes get too messy. Help your child roll yellow play dough into a ball, and then flatten it with their palm. Once flattened, your little one can press the swabs (cotton facing up) into the play dough to form the petals. Then finish off their masterpiece with a green pipe cleaner stem. Beautiful! 

    Wax Sticks

    Wax sticks are a fantastic DIY spring craft for home or while out and about — on a picnic, in the car, or anywhere! They’re non-toxic, no-mess, and pull apart easily if your child makes a mistake. With wax sticks, your child can explore the engineering parts of their brain to assemble both 3D and 2D art. 

    Wax sticks are a great craft for the entire family. There are 300 sticks, two lengths, and various colors to encourage everyone to craft as a family. When was the last time you tested your creativity and built a 3D model?

    Spring is the Perfect Time to Get Crafty!

    Whatever the weather, consider trying some new spring crafts to encourage learning through fun and play. We’re sure your family will enjoy these exciting activities to celebrate the spring season. 

    Have you tried one of our crafts? Share in the comments or tag us on Instagram and Facebook @plbfun to show us your favorite spring crafts!

    Happy Spring!

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