40 Fun Writing Prompts for Kids That Work Like a Charm

40 Fun Writing Prompts for Kids That Work Like a Charm

Nooo! Is the response you often get when you ask your kids to work on their writing skills. 

Sometimes they’re right in saying no because writing practice can be dull and tiring if it doesn't have fun or creative ideas involved. Their little minds can't incorporate this exciting twist into their writing without your help. 

That’s why we’ve come up with 40 creative writing prompts that’ll work like a charm and get your kids writing. They’ll write about:

  • Their life stories
  • Their likes and dislikes
  • The world around them 
  • Their favorite experiences

These prompts will help improve their handwriting, teach them communication skills, enrich their grammar, and enhance their focus and attention span.

You’ll also need to keep them motivated by giving them rewards after achieving a milestone you’ve set. It doesn't have to be big and expensive. Kids’ crafts and free printable activities from PBLFUN will work perfectly.

Let's jump right in and let the fun writing begin.

Journal Writing Prompts

Journaling is a great way to improve your kids’ writing skills, and at the same time, they can express themselves in a safe space. Journaling has been proven to help kids in:

  • Self-reflection 
  • Self-assessment
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-discovery

Studies show people spend 40–60% of the time talking about themselves. Journal prompts work like a charm as your child will have fun writing about their life experiences and fulfill the innate desire to share about themselves.

Pro Tip: Set a specific time and day they’ll write and help them program themselves until it becomes a habit.

Charm them with these prompts.

#1: What’s your favorite hobby, and why do you love it?

#2: How would your best friend describe you?

#3: What mistakes did you make today, and what did you learn from them?

#4: What one thing would you do if you had the whole day to do it?

#5: Write a story about your favorite holiday?

#6: Close your eyes and listen to what's happening around you. Describe what you hear.

#7: What goal have you set for this week? How will you achieve it?

#8: What one thing has been recurring on your mind lately? 

#9: Which is your favorite season, and why do you love it?

#10: What's your earliest memory of feeling pain due to an injury?

Make it more exciting by rewarding them with PBLFUN’s scented 3D stickers for a job well done.

Creative Writing Prompts 

One principle you can teach your kids is that the world is an interesting, exciting, and fulfilling place—what better way of doing this than using creative writing ideas.


Creative writing challenges your child's mind. It prompts them to think outside the box and improves their brain activity.  Let's break it down further.


Creative Writing Prompts General Benefits

Creative Writing Prompts Specific Benefits 


- Teaches kids to solve their problems

- Kids learn to see life challenges from different angles


- Kids learn new things when combined with arts and crafts.

- They test and solidify the information they already knew


- They build long-term memory

- Kids exercise their brain when they process creatively written information

Pro Tip: Designate a specific place for writing; let it be quiet and free from distractions. Looking for or clearing space for writing will dampen their mood.


Here are fun and creative writing ideas that’ll work like a charm.


#11: Pick an item in the home and describe it in detail, then have your sibling or parent try and figure out what it is.


#12: Write a story of what you think your parents were like when they were kids.


#13: Write a poem about your favorite movie.


#14: Imagine you’re chosen to go to the moon. What would you bring and why?


#15: Look through your family photos, pick one, and write a story about what you see.


#16: What animal would you like to be if you could transform into one?


#17: Imagine your best friend was from another planet. What would you talk about?


#18: Describe your dream job—whether it exists or not.


#19: Invent a new planet and describe how it’ll look.


#20: Write a story about your favorite toy coming to life.


The heart-warming stories you’ll hear and the improving writing skills will compel you to get them a gift. 


PBLFUN’s Shrink Craft Art Kit is the perfect present. You can check out their fun-filled free printables to complete the package.

Argumentative Writing Prompts

Who doesn’t like an argument, especially when the odds are in your favor? 


Argumentative prompts will work incredibly well because your kids will feel challenged to win an argument, and they get to decide which side wins.


Argumentative writing prompts for kids teaches them to:


  • Carefully examine two sides of an argument
  • Pick a side and stick to it
  • Defend their position while weighing the other side’s argument


You can spend more time on each writing prompt as you’re allowed to challenge the argument they present and prompt them to write more to convince you. 


Pro Tip: Guide your kids on the length of the write-up. You can suggest depending on how much discussion a prompt can lead to or give them a standard length.


Here are ten fun argumentative writing prompts that your kids can relate to.


#21: Does writing help kids improve their writing ability?


#22: Does listening to a scary story always give you nightmares?


#23: Should there be an age limit to social media use?


#24: Where should kids receive the most discipline, at school or home?


#25: Does homework help students learn more?


#26: Does a new student always eat alone during lunch break?


#27: Should all kids have a favorite book?


#28: Do fairy tale stories happen in real life?


#29: Should boys and girls compete together in sports?


#30: Do many kids prefer gym classes to art classes?


PBLFUN’s Resin Photo Charm Craft Kit is the best way to reward a worthwhile argument. Your kids will look forward to the next creative writing activity.


Funny Writing Prompts

Studies have shown that kids who are surrounded by humor, in whichever form, have higher IQ levels, less aggressive behavior, and minimal mood changes. 


Why not take the role of being the humor initiator by using funny writing prompts for kids and let their pens tickle them.


Teaching kids to see humor in everyday life through writing will help them cope with their challenges. These funny writing prompts will act as a store where they can retrieve the funny memory when they need a good laugh.


Pro Tip: Teach them to read through their work before presenting it to you. They’ll learn that it’s normal to make mistakes, and they can correct them.


Here are ten funny writing prompts for kids that’ll effortlessly do the job.


#31: Write about a time you laughed until your stomach hurt. Why was it funny?


#32: What's that one thing that always makes you laugh?


#33: Write a story about the most embarrassing moment you’ve witnessed that made you laugh.


#34: Imagine you’re a comedian, write a draft for a stand-up comedy performance.


#35: Write as much detail as you can about your favorite comedian and why you think they’re funny.


#36: Think about a funny image or photo you’ve seen and write why it makes you laugh.


#37: Write a poem describing how people laugh and how they look while laughing.


#38: Write funny excuses kids can use to get out of trouble for not doing their homework.


#39: Think of the person that makes you often laugh, write a list of what they said or did that made you laugh.


#40: Write a story of your favorite cartoon movie, but this time add humorous scenes to it.


After that fun writing experience, appreciate your kids with PBLFUN’s scratchy scratch paper 36 combo that unearths a rainbow background as well as gold foil and silver glitter holographic background when scratched. 

Reward Your Kids for Their Creative Writing Ideas and Stories With PLBFUN Gifts 

Kids love telling stories and are obsessed with sharing every little detail of their life. What better way to make it happen while improving their writing skills than to use fun prompts.


Argumentative, funny, journaling, and creative writing ideas are fantastic prompts that work like a charm to get your kids writing. Use them often to expand their imaginations and open up the world for them.


Kids need rewards to encourage them to keep going. PBLFUN takes care of the gifting part. 


We know how expensive it can get to boost your child’s confidence after a job well done. We have a collection of affordable toys and gifts for kids of all ages and free printable activities that’ll last for months. 


Shop now for fantastic gifts and let your kids' writing challenge continue.

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