interested in a lighting magical wonderland decor with rug/carpet

3 Dreamy Tips for Kids Room Decor

Raising your kids to attain their highest cognitive, social and emotional potential is one of the greatest goals of parenting. 

One of the best ways to do this is to simply allow their little minds and creative potential to roam free. 

When young children use their imagination, they:

  • Stimulate creative thinking
  • Develop critical analysis
  • Learn how to solve problems
  • Learn social skills and emotional coping mechanisms
  • Increase their intellectual capacity
  • Improve their self-confidence

What can you do to stoke the fires of imaginative thinking in your little ones? 

Well, you can surround them with fairy tales and magic and all things that can captivate and open up their minds to endless possibilities.

It all starts with what your little one sees first thing in the morning and the last thing before they close their eyes.

So, turn your children's bedroom into a magical dreamland. 

Here's some tips on how. 

Select an Appropriate Theme

The first step to turning your child's room into a wonderland is to select an appropriate theme. 

You know your child's interests, so it's a great idea to choose one based on what they like. Get them involved in deciding what they would like their room to look like. 

The theme can be anything from their favorite movie, a storybook, or fairy tale. You may even think of your kid’s best adventure, favorite sport, or even their latest musical interest. 

Take your time selecting the appropriate design. If you’re still undecided, you can do a mashup of two or three different themes.

Start Decorating

Now that you know the theme you're going for, it's time to get into the decor phase. Here are the main kids’ decor necessities you should focus on. 

Tip #1 — Choose a Wall Color That Livens the Room 

more ideas for pink/ blue or rainbow-themed bedroom/ playroom combo

Color doesn't just determine how the room will look; it can affect your child's psychological and emotional state. So do some research around color psychology before you settle for a color. 

For instance: 

  • Pink, blue, or green for a soothing and comforting effect
  • Red or yellow to stimulate creativity and increase feelings of positivity

There is no right or wrong color scheme. Remember, you aren’t limited to one color option either. You can paint each wall a different color or go for multicolored murals if you aren't sure which one to pick. 

Pro tip: Create an erasable whiteboard wall on one side of the room to act as a scribble wall. A playful wall can create endless hours of imaginative wall art fun. Watch how to do it here.

Tip #2 —  Select Suitable Furniture Items

furniture for your kid with rustic carpet on floor, no curtains

Carefully consider the functionality and aesthetics of the furniture pieces you include in your children's bedroom. 

When selecting the bed, think about kid’s decor staples like bunk beds that have always been great for the entire family and a standard feature in most bedrooms. 

However, you can select any other design that works for you depending on your children’s age, preferences, or the size of the room. 

Also, include a workspace for homework and crafts. The workspace should be sufficiently far enough from the bed. This is because there should be a clear distinction between work and sleep time so your kids can get enough rest. 

You will also need storage space and side tables. Depending on your setup, you can get a stand-alone bookshelf, storage cabinet or put up shelves on the wall. 

Tip #3 —  Find the Right Accessories 

Now that you’ve set up your main fixtures, it’s time to bring the room to life with some accessories. Remember not to go overboard when choosing accessories. If you overload the room with too much stuff, it will become too busy. 

A busy room can be overstimulating and tiring. You want to go for magical and playful but restful. 

Here are some children’s bedroom accessory ideas you can incorporate. 

Twinkly Lights

Strings of LED lighting create a dreamy and cozy ambiance that makes a bedroom inviting. You can string the lights on curtain panels, bed posts, or on the wall. The lights will look great and work as night lights if your kids are scared of the things that go bump in the night.  

Bedding Accessories

Choose bedding that blends well with the rest of the room. The colors should complement the rest of the decor plus feed into your overall setup. 

However, be careful not to overplay the design elements. For instance, if you put up a Disney Frozen-themed wall, it’s not a good idea to get the same style on the sheets and duvet as well. Try going for a color match rather than an exact style match; otherwise, it will be a bit too much. 

Pro tip: Kids outgrow their favorites pretty fast. So, if you’re working on a tight budget, go for plain colored walls and use themed bedding to bring out the room's design focus. 

That way, when your child has outgrown their favorite cartoon, it will be easier and cheaper to get a new one. 

Photos of Loved Ones

Surround your kids with photos of family and friends who love them dearly so they’re always a thought away. 

Purple Ladybug has two different photo craft kits that allow kids to decorate their frames and express their creativity!  Check out Decorate Your Own Photo Frame and the Mosaic Photo Frame Craft kits. 

Sticker Display

With stickers, you can allow your kids to turn the room into whatever their hearts desire. They can decorate a shelf, the base of the bed, or paste the stickers on a wall. 

Remember to set some ground rules for sticker fun. You wouldn’t want stickers to end up on every surface in the room. 

However, as long as they follow the rules, let them be. Don’t interfere or give extra guidance- you’ll be shocked at what they can achieve on their own

You can get a variety of stickers from Purple Ladybug

If your kids aren’t so much into fairy tales and nursery rhymes anymore, they’ll love these puffy stickers. From smiley faces to animals and cars, your kids will have a great time using them to personalize their room.  

 kid-friendly stickers in bright colors; great bedroom idea for wall decor to fill entire space

They’ll also fall head over heels with these scented stickers. Your children’s room won’t only look magical; it will smell divine as well. They are available in awesome flavors like cherry, lemon, watermelon, grape, chocolate, and strawberry.
kid friendly stickers, for furniture, light or hanging items. Available in blue

Glow in the Dark Accessories

 light in the dark stick-on next to curtain panels

Add to the magic with glow-in-the-dark accessories. They'll also double as reassurance to help keep those pesky monsters under the bed at bay. 

Picture this:  you’re lying in bed. The room is filled with the alluring fragrance of orange and cherry and all things nice. When you look up, you’re surrounded by fairies, unicorns, stars, and pretty little butterflies. 

Next thing you know, you’re transported into the extraordinary world where the clouds rain down glitter, the dinosaurs are friendly and magical happy ever afters make all things possible. 
That wonderful feeling right there is the very foundation of an uninhibited mindset which you want for your children. The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to get this. Visit Purple Ladybug for affordable glow-in-the-dark kids decor. These award-winning 
glow-in-the-dark accessories come in a 132-piece design set with adhesive so that you can stick on the ceiling, walls, mirrors, bed posts, cabinets or on the floor. 

The full set contains:

  • 12 fairies
  • 100 stars
  • 6 unicorns
  • 2 moons
  • 6 butterflies 
  • 2 hearts 
  • 4 clouds  
interested in a lighting magical wonderland decor with rug/carpet

It’s so affordable you can get as many sets as you want to turn the room into a magical land of dreams that your children won’t get enough of. 

They really are the best, and we’re not just saying that, they won an award to back it up! This Glow in the Dark Decor kit won top summer toy in the Toy Insider’s Hottest Toys of Summer 2021 competition. 

Transform Your Children’s Bedroom

Nurturing the creative thought process in your little one by transforming their room into a world of enchantment and awe is one of the best gifts you can give them. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Get your award-winning glow-in-the-dark kids decor today and remodel your children’s bedroom into everything they can dream of and more. 

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