12 Fun and Unique Ideas for Easter Basket Gifts

12 Fun and Unique Ideas for Easter Basket Gifts

The Easter bunny is just around the corner and ready to hop into town! But before it gets here, it needs to tally up all the Easter basket gifts — and needs your help. 


Most people just stuff Easter-themed candy and chocolates in their children’s baskets, but you’re not most parents. So, let’s do something extra creative this year!


This Easter, include a few trendy toys that’ll make your kids happy, free their creativity, and enhance their fine motor skills, sensory play, and more. Oh, and of course, we’ll throw in a bit of candy — hey, the kids love it. Here’s a list of our top 12 Easter-themed gifts to fill your little one’s baskets.  

Top 12 Easter Basket Gifts for Kids

1. SunGemmers

SunGemmers are the perfect suncatcher craft kit for the sunny spring season. Your child can catch the sun and display a rainbow of lights in their room with this bejeweled kit. 


Once they’re done crafting, they can peel and stick their creation on their bedroom window to grab the most sunpower. It’s a great activity for enhancing fine motor skills and welcoming longer sunny days. SunGemmers come in four different kits — simply choose your child’s favorite to create a memorable basket gift:


 2. Scratchy Scratch Mini Notes

These mini doodle papers allow your child to explore their creativity as they draw through the black matte coating to reveal a colorful background. This pack includes 150 sheets of rainbow, rainbow holographic, and silver holographic backgrounds and two stylus pens. 


The mini notes are made with high-quality card stock paper to ensure durability, because we understand that sometimes children can get a little overly excited. You can even join in the fun and draw bunnies, carrots, and other designs with your child.

 3. 4-Pack Easter Pop-It Toys

Pop-it toys, in their various colors and shapes, continue to grow in popularity. This 4-pack of Easter-themed pop-its is a perfect basket stuffer for both girls and boys. Your sensory-seeking child can have hours of calming fun with these simple gifts.

 4. Decorate Your Own Water Bottle

Kids are always thirsty, especially after searching for candy-filled eggs on a warm, sunny day. Instead of more candy, gift them a water bottle they can personalize to keep them stylin’ and hydrated. 


These water bottle crafts include a huge variety of stickers! Your child will have plenty of favorites to choose from so they can perfectly match their water bottle with their own unique style. And don’t worry about safety — these water bottles are high quality and BPA-free.


Your child will have tons of stickers to choose from, like dinosaurs, aliens, food, and more! A green carabiner is also included to hang the bottle.


These two crafty water bottles include glitter gems, markers, and color-in sticker sheets for loads of fun and creativity. Two pink carabiners are also included. 


Your child can choose from 7 sheets of rhinestone glitter gemstone stickers to decorate their bottle. A bonus paracord bracelet kit is included to wear or loop around the top of the bottle.  


There are 7 sheets of rhinestone glitter gemstone stickers to complement the bright purple of the bottle. A bonus paracord bracelet kit is also included. 


Your child can customize their bottle with initials or designs, then use a hairdryer to shrink their creation to fit their bottle. They can even change their new bottle’s look up to 18 times! 

 5. Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Dig Kit 

Easter eggs can be filled with more than just candy — like baby dinosaurs! These dino eggs are the perfect basket stuffer for your dino-loving child. 


Your little one can feel like a real-life paleontologist as they bury and uncover dinosaur eggs. After excavating their mini dinos, they can match them with the correct card to learn more about each dinosaur. 


Bonus — this is excellent fine motor skills practice as they grasp the excavating tool and brush away the dirt from their new dino baby. 

 6. Customize Your Own Tumbler

Tumblers have increased in popularity — even adults love personalized tumblers for their coffee and iced drinks. Now your child can have their own customizable tumbler too! This is a fantastic Easter basket filler ready to be crafted.


This tumbler kit has two liners your child can cover with the included cute and trendy stickers. One liner is transparent, while the other has a metallic pink-purple sheen —  giving your child the chance to swap out the design to suit each day’s style.


Taking personalization to the next level, this tumbler comes with three pre-designed liners for your child to color in with the included markers. They can color all three, alternating between liners to match their mood. This kit even includes a bonus color-in pencil case to store their markers!

 7. Fun Sticker Packs (Including Scented Stickers!)

Stickers will always be a favorite craft, and for good reason — they're colorful and sticky! Stickers are a fantastic way to strengthen your child's fine motor skills, practicing precision while placing stickers onto paper (or walls).  ;)


This is a great Easter basket gift for any child who enjoys arts and crafts. And both of these packs include a bonus sticker set too!


This pack of stickers includes 40 sheets (24 stickers each) with no repeated sheets, ensuring your child has a huge variety for long-lasting fun. The possibilities with this many stickers are endless and sure to keep your child entertained for hours!


Add this pack of 675 super scented stickers to your child's Easter basket to stimulate their senses. Then let your child have a blast decorating their favorite things (like their pencils, bike, helmet, room, and even themselves). This set has 15 scents, including chocolate!

 8. Glow in The Dark Room Decor

Almost every kid wants glow-in-the-dark decorations in their room. Lucky for you, this 132 piece glow-in-the-dark set fits perfectly in their Easter basket. 


You and your child can stick the unique designs to more than just their ceiling. These durable fairies, clouds, and moons can stick to mirrors, walls, furniture, and more. Your child can even reposition these stickers to create their own patterns. The pieces are charged through natural and artificial light — which is ideal for long spring days.

 9. Color In Puzzles — 2 Puzzle Pack

These creative puzzles are a fabulous Easter basket gift for imaginative, artsy kiddos. With these soon-to-be colorful puzzles, your child can relax and regulate their mood after a day filled with excitement and candy. 


This kit includes two 48-piece puzzles uniquely designed and ready for your little artist to color in. The kit also includes 10 vibrant markers and a bonus color-in pencil case. Puzzles are one of the best activities to share as a family while promoting problem-solving skills. 


10. Easter Egg Stampers

These Easter-themed stamps are shaped like eggs, making them easy to grip and use. Each brightly-colored egg is distinctively designed with animals and Easter-related patterns. This value pack comes with 24 egg stampers and 10 Easter tattoo stickers to fuel your child's curiosity and happiness this holiday. 


11. Crayola 6ct Easter Egg Chalk

What's a better Easter basket gift than vibrant egg-shaped washable chalk? This pack comes with 6 chalk pieces for extra sidewalk fun. Let your child's creativity run wild as they use the brightly colored chalk to draw bunnies, flowers, houses, or even hopscotch to jump over.


12. Easter Printables

Don’t forget to grab your FREE 13-page Easter activity booklet for your child. These fun activity sheets are the perfect way to help your child wind down after a busy Easter day.


Get Crafty this Easter!

This Easter Sunday, consider adding some crafty gifts to your child's basket to encourage plenty of learning and sugar-free fun. We're sure your kids will enjoy these Easter basket gifts for weeks to come! 


Have you included these in your baskets before? Will you be adding them this year? Let us know in the comments or tag us on Instagram and Facebook @plbfun to show us your exciting holiday crafting projects

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