11 Memorable Gifts for Grandparents that Your Kids Will Love Too

11 Memorable Gifts for Grandparents that Your Kids Will Love Too

Grandparents are a special group. They worked hard to raise their own children (thanks Mom and Dad!), and now they can relax and enjoy some special time with your little ones. 

Even though times have changed, grandparents are fantastic guides into the world of parenting. They can offer a much-needed break after a long week. And their homes are always full of treats and love (even if they’re lacking some rules 😉). 

Whether shopping for Christmas, birthdays, or just to say thank you, grandparents are tricky to buy for. You want their gifts to be extra special — and even better, from their grandkids. If your Amazon searches are struggling, don’t fret! Check out our list of the top gifts that grandparents love, and create new memorable moments for everyone!

The 11 Best Gifts for Grandparents from the Kids

Create unique art 

Give Grandma something special to hang on her wall! Bring out the art supplies and let your kids have a blast creating something new for their grandparents. Construction paper or coloring pages, crayons, markers, stickers, stamps — let them go nuts! Grandparents love to receive and display their grandkids’ creative artwork. Add a colorful card with our Scratchy Scratch Notes and this gift is ready to be loved!

For long-distance grandparent relationships, encourage your child to create Grandma and Grandpa a unique card. A hand-written note from the kiddos is always special. Your child can share their favorite shows, toys, or school moments with their grandparents, and then decorate their notes with their favorite colors, stickers, and doodles. It’s a great way to stay connected when you can’t be together.

Make something new and exciting

If Grandma and Grandpa are running out of wall space, create something different with a unique craft kit! The kids can work together with their grandparents, or make these special surprises with you. 

Bring some science home with these Craft Your Own Lip Balm kits. Grandpa can carry a colorful tube of lipbalm made especially for him. Or the kids and Grandma can match with our fancy lipbalm cases. You can make this gift extra special by pairing Grandma’s new lip balm with a cute purse — add in a gift card and other trinkets and you have the perfect gift!

If Grandma loves jewelry, take a trip to your local craft store and let your child choose some special beads and charms to create her a new necklace or bracelet. Who needs Pandora when you have crafty kiddos? Even something simple like a colorful rubber band bracelet will be an extra special addition to her jewelry box. Extra bonus — your kid can rock a matching bracelet and be just like Grandma! 


If the grandparents are enjoying the beach life, help them beat the heat with a personalized water bottle or tumbler from the kiddos. Your kids will love decorating these bottles with gemstones, stickers, or even a special shrink wrap. All bottles are BPA-free to keep everyone safe while staying hydrated. Grandma will love the daily, colorful reminder of her favorite kiddos.

Plan a special day out

Not all gifts come packaged. Load up the kids and head out for a special day with their grandparents. Not sure where to go? Here are a few places to explore:

  • Local zoo or aquarium
  • Botanical garden
  • Storytime at the library
  • Science or history museum
  • Outdoor concert
  • Beach day trip
  • Kid’s theater production

If long walks at the zoo aren’t the best choice for your parents, try something more stationary like storytime or a show. Planning for everyone’s needs can be a little daunting, but with some forethought, you can all have a great time. Add in a stop at a favorite restaurant or ice cream shop and you have a fun-filled day for everyone!

Share memorable moments

When you have kids, the number of pictures you take skyrockets! Show off some of your favorites and thrill the grandparents with a special photo gift. 

Photo frames are always a great gift idea for grandparents. You can go digital, or let the kids decorate a special frame for their grandparent’s space. If you’ve already done years of picture frames and are looking for a new way to share your memories, we have you covered. 

Pull together the perfect photo craft and create photo charms or coasters to gift to the grandparents. These photo charms crafted by your kids are a fun way to add memories to Grandpa and Grandma’s keys. Bonus — they also make unique holiday ornaments. 🎄

You can even get your older child crafting with this resin photo coaster craft. Your child can show off their favorite memories with their grandparents. Or, if they’re an aspiring photographer, let them choose some of their own art to create the perfect piece to match Grandma’s space.

There’s nothing more special than grandkids taking the time to create something unique for their grandparents. Your child can let their personality shine by getting creative with these unique gifts for grandparents.  

Treat them to a sweet surprise

Little kids love to help out in the kitchen, especially if you’re baking up something sweet. Enlist your child’s help in picking out a delicious treat to make for their grandparents. Then get to baking!

Is Grandma a master baker? Invite her over to take part in a baking day. Choose simple recipes, like brownies or cookies (this recipe is super simple and delicious) to keep the kids involved. Or melt some chocolate and go nuts decorating some chocolate-dipped peanut butter crackers. You can even keep it super simple with chocolate-covered pretzels. But no matter what you’re making, have the sprinkles and colorful candies ready! 

Share a treat together, then pack some up for Grandma and Grandpa to enjoy at home. Not only have you created delicious treats, but you’re making new traditions and memories together. And that is something truly sweet. 💜

Indulge in an at-home spa day

Does Grandma love a trip to the nail salon? Recreate the experience at home for her and your kiddos! And don’t forget Grandpa! Even if he’s never been a fan of rainbow nails, he may love getting pampered by the kids. 

Break out the foot bath and your most colorful nail polishes. Find some recipes for DIY face masks (these edible masks are great for younger kids) and cut up some cucumbers. It’s time to help Grandma relax!

If the kids want to add some extra glam, check out our hair chalk and glitter set. If Grandma is feeling adventurous, she could leave spa day with some brand new purple highlights and glitter tattoos! No worries — everything washes out with a little soap or shampoo and water. 

Grandparent gifts can be fun for everyone!

Getting the kids involved is the best way to create something magical for your parents. And it strengthens the bond between grandparents and grandkids. 

Create new traditions with a baking day, spa time, or annual spring outing to the gardens. Then watch your kids’ relationships with your parents grow. It’s truly something special to watch your parents in this role. Help them get the most out of it with these fun memory-making gifts.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your kids and their grandparents? Let us know in the comments! 

P.S. — Need a gift bag for your grandparent gift? Check out our variety of Scratch Paper Gift Bags and let your kids personalize their presents even more! Happy Gifting!

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