FREE Printable: Coloring pages "🥪🍎 It’s a Perfect Day for a Picnic! 🍎🥪"

FREE Printable: Coloring pages "🥪🍎 It’s a Perfect Day for a Picnic! 🍎🥪"

A sunny summer day is the PERFECT time to pack up a PICNIC and head to the park with your family!

That old quilt in the hall closet is just waiting to be spread out on the green grass and covered with delicious treats and family memories!

So, grab those picnic baskets and coolers, fill them yummy sandwiches, crunchy veggies, and fresh fruit.

Remember to also pack a blanket, sunscreen, bug spray, and outdoor toys to make a day of it! Our kids always love throwing frisbees or tossing around the beach ball when we set up our picnic spot.

Picnics are a welcomed escape from the electronic distractions at home and a playful chance to get some beautiful sun and fresh air in those lungs!

They are also a wonderful chance to bring those family dinner conversations outdoors and create quality time to chat with your kiddos. Let them fill you in on their latest adventures and daydreams! Summer is the perfect time for them to DREAM BIG!

Here are a few things that you might want to pack in your picnic basket this summer:

🥪 Favorite family summer recipes – Whip up some of Grandma’s famous chicken salad or your Uncle’s best cookies! 😉
📻 A radio or wireless speaker for your phone to listen to fun tunes. 🎵
⚽ A ball to throw or kick around – Plus a few frisbees, kites, or whatever outdoor toys your kiddos enjoy and aren’t too heavy to haul around! You might also throw in a deck of cards or a travel boardgame.
🍎 Fresh fruit or veggies – Along with other easily packable snacks that won’t melt in the sunshine.
💧 Fill up those reusable bottles with water to stay hydrated while you play (and dine) outside.
🐕 Your family pet! - Dogs like the park, too! Just remember to bring a small bowl for fresh water for pooch!
🎨 Our FREE downloadable printable coloring page and some markers or crayons for when your kids need a few quiet minutes break from play (Get it HERE)


If you plan your picnic for an unexpectedly ☔RAINY DAY ☔, don’t fret! Indoor picnics can be fun, too! Throw that blanket down in the middle of the living room floor, shut the TV off, and eat together out of your picnic basket. Maybe even built a PICNIC FORT to double the fun!



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