FREE Printable: Emoji Code Breaker "❤️💙 Happy 4th of July! ❤️️💙"

FREE Printable: Emoji Code Breaker "❤️💙 Happy 4th of July! ❤️️💙"

️Summer️ is warming up and that means that the 4th of July is right around the corner!

It’s time to pull out your RED, WHITE, and BLUE and celebrate this historical holiday with your family and friends!

On July 4, 1776, the United States of America was born when 56 of the founding fathers signed their names to the Declaration of Independence. It’s a day to be grateful for all of your freedoms and for those who fought for them.

We also love this holiday because there is never any shortage of FAMILY FUN activities and events around the 4th! From the parades to the fireworks to the cookouts, you’re sure to find yourself with plenty of options. It’s the perfect time to cross a few items off that summer bucket list!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for the day:

⭐ Host a cookout for your neighbors, family, and friends. You can grill up some of your finest burgers🍔 and hot dogs🌭 and ask everyone else to pitch in the drinks and sides.
⭐ Find a cozy spot to spread out your picnic blanket and watch fireworks🎆 with your family when the sun sets.
⭐ Go to your local town or city’s 4th of July parade. 🎈
⭐ Spend the day at the beach or on the lake soaking up the sun, but remember that sunscreen! No one wants sunburnt, red skin as a part of their patriotic look! ☀️
⭐ Create some Independence Day crafts or snacks with your kiddos. Strawberries, blueberries, and marshmallows make beautiful 4th of July dessert kabobs! 🍓
⭐ Attend a baseball game with your family. There’s nothing more American than taking in a ⚾ game – especially if you get a hot dog, pretzel, and end the event with a fireworks display!
⭐ Plan a camping trip complete with smores, tents, and sleeping bags – even if it’s just in your backyard! 🏕️

Whatever your plans, remember to be safe, have fun, and enjoy time with your loved ones! The FREEDOM to celebrate together as a family is always something to be grateful for!

⭐ Happy 4th of July! ⭐

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