Resin Crafts: Resin Refill Kit 8 oz

  • Make more of your favorite resin crafts with this Purple Ladybug 8 oz Resin Refill Kit! Resin refill allows you to continue using your existing resin molds, saving them from landfill and allowing you to make more beautiful resin creations!
  • Includes 4 oz (120 ml) resin (part A) and 4 oz (120 ml) hardener (part B). We also include 2 pairs protective gloves, 2 mixing sticks and 1 stylus to pierce the protective bottle seal. This Resin (part A) and Hardener (part B) are mixed in a 1:1 ratio, full instructions are included in the kit.
  • High quality resin cures in 24 hours to a hard, clear, durable finish. Use with the molds you already have, with any of our other Purple Ladybug resin molds or to create your own resin crafts!
  • An Incredible Gift! Promote creativity, self-expression, pride and a sense of accomplishment when you give this resin refill kit for the resin crafter in your life! Resin is recommended for ages 14+.
  • You matter to us! We want you to be happy with any purchase of a Purple Ladybug product. Our goal is to help create fun for your family with our resin and craft supplies that offer incredible value. Contact us if you’re not completely satisfied!