Water Beads [Refill Pack, Non Toxic]

  • Fun Sensory Toys for Kids! Multicolored Water beads expand in water to provide slippery, smooth, soothing sensory stimulation for kids. They are super-fun for play in tubs, water tables, or in a foot spa! There are 8 colors of beads included, about 25,000 beads total.
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for kids: Feel great about your child diving their hands or feet into a tub of water beads! Note that we recommend these for older children who will not put them in their mouths, ears or nose.
  • Learning resource, educational toys: Fantastic to teach through play, use to teach colors, sorting, patterns, design, and water absorption and the water cycle. Our reuseable water beads and container can be used to teach environmental awareness. Help develop fine motor skills.
  • Great occupational therapy gifts! With unique 8 compartment storage containers: YOU can select the colors of beads you want to use! No mixed pack here, choose what color or color combo you want to use for every play experience! Our custom container keeps beads sorted by color and is re-usable afterwards!
  • Reusable! The beads start out small, simply add water and watch each bead expand to about 0.5" across in a couple of hours and find them in a glorious soft colorful state! Once they dry out and shrink, simply add more water and they'll expand again! Use them over and over!