Multicolored Scratchy Scratch Paper 35 Combo Craft Kit for Kids

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  • SUPER FUN AND UNIQUE! 35 sheets of color-top scratch paper! We include 5 different colors of scratch paper! When you use one of the enclosed styluses to scratch the surface, you reveal vibrant colors underneath! So fun for drawing, doodling, writing notes, playing games and more for all ages! Our multicolor scratch paper is so unique that it's patent-pending!
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED INCLUDED: 35 sheets of scratch paper, each measuring 8.25 X 5.5" (A5 paper size), 4 stylus-style scratchers, and stencil sheet for inspiration and ideas! We include 7 sheets of red top scratch paper, 7 sheets yellow, 7 sheets green, 7 sheets blue and 7 sheets purple. Scratch the surface of each to reveal a pattern in a contrasting color underneath!
  • AN AMAZING GIFT! Kids love scratch paper. So do adults! Scratch paper is a fun surprise for anyone, whether artistically inclined or not! If you are an artist, only your imagination limits what you will create. If you have other talents, you will adore leaving the coolest most memorable notes, signs, playing games and drawings!
  • HOMESCHOOL OR RAINY DAY ART SUPPLY! Keep on hand for homeschooling arts and crafts projects, rainy day fun, for playdates, parties or anytime you want to encourage creativity and screen-free imaginative fun!
  • ABOUT US: Purple Ladybug helps create fun for your family with our kids' toys and craft supplies that offer incredible value. All kid-tested, kid-approved and also tested for safety in a third party laboratory and holds toy certifications. We care about your satisfaction!