Puttering Putty - 3 Pack

  • Three-pack of Puttering and Pondering Putty are great value on stress relief toys!
  • Putty for kids are satisfying toys, fantastic sensory tools and can be used as therapy putty, occupational therapy toys, or theraputty for hand… plus cool and fun!
  • 3 tins of putty in every box: you'll get 1 tin color-changing putty that changes from red to yellow depending on the temperature, 1 tin glow in the dark putty and 1 tin UV putty which changes color when you use the light (included in this set) to draw on it!
  • Makes a wonderful gift! Comes in a ready-to-give or ready-to-wrap very attractive box. Would be well received by anyone – putties are cool stuff for girls, boys, adults and make super office stress relief toys
  • Stretch it, pop it, bounce it, roll it, flatten it, play with it… sensory toys can help with concentration, focus and anxiety relief and this is a very fun fidget toy!