Scented Birthday Cards Value Pack - Scratch and Sniff Happy Birthday greeting cards! set 20 cards (4 bday designs/smells x 5 of each) + envelopes. Scents: Cake, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Watermelon

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Scratch the front of the card to release the scent within! Each scent is associated with the illustration on the front of the card... what you SEE is what you SMELL!!

These are terrific cards for girls, boys, or adults to give or receive!

Keep this box of beautiful birthday cards on-hand so you're ALWAYS prepared for a party!


Our unique and beautiful birthday artwork is printed on thick card stock.

Inside the box are four different designs (five cards & envelopes included of each), each with the words "Happy Birthday" on the front.

Each design has a unique smell and greeting inside the card:

1. Cake design smells like cake!

Greeting inside: "Have your cake and smell it too! Happy Birthday!"

2. Chocolate bar design smells like chocolate!

Greeting inside: "Hope you have the best birthday -- bar none!"

3. Dragon design smells like cinnamon!

Greeting inside: "Hope your birthday is red hot fun!"

4. Watermelon design smells like watermelon!

Greeting inside: "You're one in a melon!"


  • 20 cards included
  • 20 envelopes
  • 4 different designs
  • 4 different smells
  • 4 different greetings inside

Unique Scented boxed Birthday greeting cards by Purple Ladybug Novelty

FUN to give, FUN to get!

Not only will you be prepared for every upcoming birthday party, you'll give an incredibly memorable and beautiful card sure to stand out from the pile!!

Give the card that will stay on display in their home!

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Incredibly handy to have on-hand to always be prepared for a celebration!
Available year-round
Unique to Purple Ladybug Novelty
So unique that they're Patent pending -- delight friends & family with this amazing giftwrap!
  • 📮 Scratch n Sniff Scented Happy Birthday Cards are super-unique and FUN! Your card recipients will first be impressed with the fun design of their card and then will be thrilled by the novelty of SMELLING it!
  • 📫 Children's best greeting card bundle: Smelly Boxed Cute Happy Birthday cards offer excellent value pack: get 20 cards + 20 envelopes in each box. cards are conveniently sized at 4" x 6".
  • 📭 Four fun birthday designs for kids of all ages, each scented with the smell found in the image on the front of the card and each with a related greeting on the inside! Smells included in this assorted box of greeting cards are: Cake, Watermelon, Cinnamon and Chocolate
  • 📨 Cards are made of thick, high quality cardstock and are sturdy. The front scented panel is matte, the inside of the cards are slightly glossy. You’ll be giving an impressive, high quality card that you can feel proud of!
  • 📫 Your satisfaction matters to us! The Purple Ladybug logo is your guarantee of our high quality; contact us if you're not completely satisfied! These cards are exclusive to Purple Ladybug Novelty.